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[Meet Intrado Digital Media] Marketing Your Webinar (Part 2)

Thursday, March 5, 2020 - 14:30
[Meet Intrado Digital Media] Marketing Your Webinar (Part 2)

It’s time for our next episode of Meet Intrado Digital Media. 

In our latest segment, I spoke with marketing strategist Gabriella Cyranski about the importance of marketing your webinars—and she shared some great best practices.

If you want to get people in their proverbial seats, you MUST: 

  • Start communication at least four weeks out
  • Answer the question: “What’s in it for me?” 
  • Maintain consistent communication throughout your registration process

In part two, we’re discussing the benefits of live events, the importance of on demand webinars, the critical need to include live video and other tips to help you better market your webinars.

Check out the conversation below and learn more about our webinar solutions



Ben Chodor: Gab, how important is it to market your broadcast, your webcast, your webinar? 

Gabriella Cyranski: It’s super important, and it’s super important, too, to have a comprehensive, multi-channel plan in order to do this, so that you are able to get as many people as you like to come to your either webcast or television production or any other virtual event that you’re doing. Because that’s your whole goal, to get people to attend and then take advantage of that content you’re delivering. 

Ben: Alright, so here’s two questions for you. One, how important is it also to make it on demand afterwords, and what do you say when people say “hey, I might as well record it and post it instead of making it an event.” 

Gab: So, on-demand is really important, because, again, people sometimes aren’t able to squeeze that live event into their schedule, so you want to give them a chance to either go view it on demand, or for current viewers, they may want to review the content again. So, that is like super important. But also too, there is an important element to the live. So, many times with our technology, you’ve got live Q&A with the speakers, or maybe live Q&A with the sponsors. You’ve got real-time polling as well that are part of our webcasts. When you watch it on demand, you’re not gonna get the advantage of some of those parts of our technology that are gonna make the webcast just a little more interesting, because you’re hearing from your fellow attendees in real time. 

Ben: Alright, so I’ve got a question for you. Can you offer a few basic best practices? And what are some of the key pitfalls? What do people forget to do a lot of times? 

Gab: Well, i think one of the things that people forget to do is to have all of their speakers and content lined up ahead of time before they start marketing, because that’s really important - that’s what’s really fueling your marketing messaging, so it’s super important to have that stuff lined up instead of peace-mealing it. 

Second of all, one of the things I see a lot is that we’re still doing audio over slides webcasts. We have to integrate that video. I mean, there’s studies upon studies, one that I saw recently that said 59% of executives would rather get their information over video as opposed to reading. So, that is the super super most important thing. And then also, using all your marketing channels, whether they’re paid or not paid, take advantage of all those marketing channels. 

Ben: Alright, another thing. Should you syndicate the content? Should you make it available via your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Periscope, wherever you are? 

Gab: I think it really depends on kind of the situation. So, we’ve got our HIMSS TV situation, where we’re putting on a television production from a live event. That definitely is something that should be syndicated to different points. When you’ve got a webcast, you’re gonna want to push people to our Studio platform, because that is where all the benefits of the webcast are. So, in that case, you don't want to do a whole program syndication, you want to do just maybe little nuggets, on Facebook, Twitter, etc, to get people more interested, or give people an idea of what they missed, so they go back on demand. So, it really depends on the situation. 

Ben: How impactful is it when you take everything that you’ve been telling everyone to do when you’re marketing a webinar. You use a platform like ours or another platform like Studio, but then you package it with press releases and our media monitoring, so you can get people more than how many people logged on and how long they watched, you can give some true analytics. But how have you found success when you add press releases to events? 

Gab: Yeah, absolutely. I mean a press release is just an additional channel for you to promote that event. And then also, it’s gonna help your SEO as well. So, it’s gonna help people that are searching for those types of events to come to you. So, integrating that in addition to monitoring and data analytics is just gonna strengthen your case to continue to put on these types of events. 

Ben: I love that. Alright, so, I do this at the end of every single show that I do. I ask a couple rapid-fire questions. You’ve got like three-four seconds to answer. Do you have your phone near you? 

Gab: Yep, let me… 

Ben: Take your phone out. What is your Uber rating? 

Gab: My Uber rating is 4.73. 

Ben: God, everybody’s is higher than mine! I’m a 4.64, I always tip, I'm always nice. It’s crazy. But that’s a pretty good rating.  

Gab: Yeah, I think it’s okay. You know, I’m not a 5 like some other people, but I think as well, I’m pretty polite. 

Ben: Oh yeah, I think it’s good. Alright, what’s the last emoji you used? 

Gab: Oh, I can, off the top of my head I know that one. This morning, it’s the poop emoji, because my puppy had a little accident in the kitchen. 

Ben: Oof. Does that happen often? 

Gab: Um, yes, it does, unfortunately. 

Ben: Alright, what movie can you watch over and over again and never get tired of? 

Gab: Oh “Moonstruck” for sure. 

Ben: “Moonstruck!?” That’s totally from left field! You mean “Moonstruck” with like Cher and Nicholas Cage? 

Gab: With like Cher and Olympia Dukakis! Yes, I love that movie. 

Ben: You know what, it’s making me want to go home, when the weekend comes, I think I’m gonna watch “Moonstruck” - go to Netflix and watch Moonstruck. Wow! It is a great movie, I think she won an Oscar for it, right, or was nominated for an Oscar for it. If you haven’t seen it. Wow! I did not, Gab I did not see that one coming. 

Alright. So the last thing I wanna tell everyone is, hey, if you’re working with Intrado Digital Media, always feel free to reach out to Gab. All our information’s on this show, right, but more importantly, even if you're not a customer, feel free to reach out and ping her, ask her questions. Even if you’re using another webcast platform, we’re always here to help. She really knows what she’s talking about. She’s made our programs so much better. 

It’s a real privilege to have you as part of Intrado Digital Media, and it’s pretty cool to be able to call you a friend, and thank you for everything. 

Gab: Thanks so much Ben. 

Ben: Alright, have a great day, Gab. 

Gab: Yeah, you too. 

Ben: Bye. 

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