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[Meet Intrado Digital Media] How to Level Up Your Webcast Game (Part One)

Thursday, September 26, 2019 - 13:15
How to Level Up Your Webcast Game

In this week’s episode of “Meet Intrado Digital Media,” we’re talking the benefits of webcasting and live streaming.

I’m excited to introduce you to Joel Fajardo, Director of Video at Intrado Digital Media. He leads our webcasting services and helps our customers produce live events. That’s everything from employee town halls to marketing conferences. If there’s production needed, he’s your guy!

In part one, Joel shares some secrets for how to create engaging, memorable webcasts that make an impact with your audience. He even shares the best client example he’s seen!

Please watch our short video below: 

Part two will follow in the next couple of weeks.

Through this special video series, I’m giving you an exclusive look inside of our business, getting to know our subject-matter experts and their unique perspectives—on topics across marketing, public relations, internal communications and investor relations.

Thank you for watching.


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