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[Meet Intrado Digital Media] Customizing Your Virtual Event (Part 1)

Friday, March 27, 2020 - 12:15
[Meet Intrado Digital Media] Customizing Your Virtual Event (Part 1)

Welcome to the next installment of Meet Intrado Digital Media!

It’s no secret that virtual events are extremely popular right now. As more companies choose to cancel or adjust their in-person event plans, virtual experiences are becoming more critical than ever before. 

But how can you ensure that your virtual event meets the expectations of your audience? 

In this week’s episode, I’m talking to Katie Farrell, a graphic designer here at Intrado Digital Media, who works to ensure that your brand is fused into your virtual event in an authentic and inspiring way. Her team can help you engage audiences by creating custom event spaces tailored to your needs. 

Check out the full episode below.


If you are interested in learning more about Intrado’s virtual events solutions, register for our LIVE demo on Tuesday, March 31 at 2 PM CT. 

Thanks for tuning in. 



Ben Chodor: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are. I’m Ben Chodor, and welcome to another edition of our show, where I get the privilege of introducing you to some of the Intrado family. Today we’re going to be talking to Katherine Farrell about customizing your virtual event. And I don’t think there’s a better time, with everything that’s going on in the world, then to be talking about virtual events and yours. 

So let me bring her right on. Alright, so first of all - how are you? 

Katie Farrell: Hey, Ben! I’m great how are you? 

Ben: Alright, before we go into this, how weird is it for you to be on the other side? 

Katie: You know, I had a taste of it with the Solution Showcase in December, so I’m getting a little more accustomed to it, but it feels good. 

Ben: Alright, so before we get into what you do, just with everything that’s going on in the world right now, like coronavirus, fires, people trying to travel less, ESG - where social responsibility says we’re supposed to make a smaller carbon footprint. Has there ever been a better time for what you do? 

Katie: Yeah, you know, I don’t think so. Virtual events have so much power to provide great content, engage attendees, provide resources, and where I come into play at Intrado is making sure that those spaces and those virtual events look good, and they become the destination for attendees to experience. 

Ben: Alright, give me two reasons why someone should do a virtual event if, up until now, they’ve only done physical events. 

Katie: I think, for a virtual event, like you said, reducing the carbon footprint, and I think cost effectiveness. Those are really important to brands and to clients. And I think to never underestimate the power of the message. More people can get together on a smaller scale at a virtual event to broadcast messages and put out content to their attendees without having them travel all over or across the world. 

Ben: I think you are so spot on. Okay, here’s a question. You know, most of our products - in fact, all of our products in some way are customizable to a point, right, for the most part? Users can add their colors, logos, whatever - the environments are very flexible, and that’s one of the things, before we did the acquisition of INXPO, that they nailed, right? The flexibility of it. But when would someone who’s acquired or purchased one of our environments call you and your team to step in? 

Katie: Sure, yeah. Honestly, any time within the timeline. Obviously, we need to consider the timeline and we need to consider bandwidth, but our design team can be brought in at any time during the event timeline. It’s best if it’s in the beginning, but we can customize backgrounds, display ads, banners, badges, the whole nine yards. We have a platform that has great functionality, and the bells and whistles for great engagement of attendees, but clients want attendees to experience a branded environment. The brand and identity of our clients is important to them, so it’s important for us to follow the guidelines of their brand, and make sure that when attendees visit their virtual environment it looks on brand and it looks creative and welcoming. 

Ben: Any of you watching this, if you haven’t seen a demo of any of our virtual events, you’ve gotta do it. And what’s great about when we do demos of virtual environments and virtual events is that we don’t just show you slides - we let you go into the environment and experience it like an attendee. 

So, now I’m gonna look at you, and I’m gonna kind of whisper this to you. You worked on internal events, you’ve worked on external events. It’s like picking who your favorite child is, but give us a couple of your favorite events that you’ve worked on and why. 

Katie: So, off the bat, any time a client gives me a glimpse into their culture, you know, their atmosphere, that is great inspiration for creating these 3D or flat backgrounds. I’ve added purple wigs on attendees, I’ve added a stuffed animal horse to the background, little easter eggs that clients provide inspiration to, and that speaks to like the atmosphere - it was a mascot of one of our clients. I’ve created logos for a hotel brand that was summer camp themed. Clients provide this great inspiration and glimpses into their culture and their atmosphere, so to be able to take that and create graphics that are included in our virtual events, those are always the most fun. 

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