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[In the Know] Meet Unison (Part 1)

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 11:30
[In the Know] Meet Unison (Part 1)

It’s earnings season.

If you’re an investor relations professional, this is often the most challenging time of year. There are lists of deliverables to track, announcements to make, data to share and calendars to monitor.

And, until now, you’ve had to manage all of these from different locations, using different logins and interfaces.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the launch of Intrado Unison, our new, integrated platform for IR teams. Unison lets you create smarter, simpler IR communications.

In this episode of In the Know, I interviewed president Ben Chodor about what makes Unison such a powerful and unique tool.

Watch part one of our conversation below, and if you want to learn more about Unison, click here.


Video Transcript:

Dana Miller: Hi everyone, and welcome to a very special episode of In the Know with Intrado Digital Media. Today, we are here to talk about Intrado Unison, our new, integrated platform for investor relations teams. Unison lets you create smarter, simpler IR communications. We’re extremely excited to have Unison now available for our clients. But instead of just listening to me talk about it today, you’re gonna hear the inside scoop about why it is so important. I have a special guest to introduce - the Intrado Digital Media President, Ben Chodor.

Hi Ben!

Ben Chodor: Thank you Dana, how are you?

Dana: I am fantastic, how are you?

Ben: I am excellent.

Dana: I’m really glad to have you on today, this is a different format for this series, so I’m really happy to talk with someone else.

Ben: See, it’s normally you by yourself or me by myself, or someone, and now you get to interact. Which is really what the best use of the technology is.

Dana: Yeah, for sure.

Alright, so we have that little cliffhanger there. I’m really excited to talk about Unison, so, just, on a high level, Ben, can you tell me a little bit about Unison? Why was it developed? What problems were we looking to solve with it for our clients?

Ben: You nailed it in the very top, right? It’s about making IR communications simpler, right? So, you know, Unison was really created so our IR professionals could have a single login to get their information on their earnings releases, their earnings information, their IR website. Having all their information in one place, all their data in one place, so they can better run their portion of the business as opposed to logging onto six or seven different locations, pulling data that makes no sense together. We not only put it all in one place, but we put it so you can actually get this data, combined data, and come up with real analytics and real information, so you can better make your business decisions when it comes to running the IR portion of your website, or the IR portion of your business.

Dana: Right, so like a big timesaver - no more having to click and log in and move things, yeah. That sounds amazing.

Ben: Yeah, it’s one of the things we heard from every customer, right? “I have to log in to so many different locations to get my information. I have different passwords.”

But it was more than just creating a location where everything lives under one roof. It’s about putting a scheduling system and their calendar for their IR business. But most importantly, as I mentioned before, I want to be able to make business decisions, so I want data, and I want analysis, and I want it at my fingertips, and I want it all together so it makes sense.

Dana: Absolutely. So I think, given that answer, I probably know your answer to the next question, but what is your favorite feature that Unison includes?

Ben: Alright, so my favorite feature is a tie - everything in one place for your IR business, but the most important thing is all of your data and all the information from all of the different levels and programs that you do, that I can come into, log on, and see it all in one place.

One of the features that people love is the ability to manage your calendar, right? So you know when your earnings release is gonna be, when you have to get it to the editors, when you have to schedule your earnings webcast and your call. The ability to have it all in one place, but also so your colleagues don’t have to ask the questions. If they have access, they can go in with a read-only or view-only, not with administration rights, to see all this data as well. And the ability to share it from the IR group to the marketing group to the PR group to the rest of your organization. I think it’s a game-changer in the industry. The team has done an incredible job building it. I am more than proud of the work they’ve put in. I am humbled by the effort, but I am most excited about how it’s turned out. It’s incredible.

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