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Insights with Ben Chodor: Featuring Joe Lazauskas

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 - 11:00
Insights with Ben Chodor: Featuring Joe Lazauskas

How do effective brands engage their audiences? Through great storytelling! 

In the latest episode of Insights, I’m talking to Joe Lazauskas, Head of Marketing at Contently and author of “The Storytelling Edge.” 

This book is fantastic! It breaks down the secrets that have enabled some of the world’s most successful brands to build amazing relationships with their audiences. It’s all about the neuroscience behind great stories. 

Joe spoke at our 2019 Client Summit and his presentation was incredibly engaging. After reading his book and meeting him, I knew I had to bring him back for another interview. 

In this episode of Insights, we spoke about ways to incorporate the “hero's journey” into your communication efforts, the principles of great storytelling and how to turn a bland PowerPoint presentation into an engaging narrative tool. 

Watch the full episode below and be sure to follow along for more episodes in the future.


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