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How to Use Webinars to Boost Your Sales Funnel

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 14:00
How to use webinars to boost your sales funnel

Webinar services do wonders for your company’s sales funnel. 

In the past, webinars were classified as only for “top of the funnel” leads – now, they have expanded into a platform that will engage and rank suspects, prospects and nurtured leads at different levels.

The implementation of webinars is a fantastic way to influence decision-makers as they make their final purchase choice.using-webinars-to-increase-sales-funnel

 Marketers should utilize webinars to hit each level on the funnel:

  •  Awareness: Use Case - Lead Generation
    • Host an online event or webcast around a trending topic and keep the content neutral while indirectly promoting your brand.
    • Tactics: thought leadership webinars, industry-related events.
  • Interest: Use Case - Solution Selling
    • Host an online event, webcast, or series of programs to educate and help prospects during their evaluation process, showing them why you’re the best choice.
    • Tactics: analyst panels, subject matter expert sessions.                 
  • Consideration: Use Case - Delivering ROI
    • Host an online event or webcast series demonstrating the benefits of your offering and how you deliver against KPIs and help them grow their business.
    • Tactics: customer case studies and panel discussions, live demos.
  • Purchase: Use Case - Customer Engagement
    • Host an online event or webcast series to kick off your relationship and set your customers up for success with ongoing knowledge and support.
    • Tactics: best practices series, user conferences, customer communications.
  • Grow: Use Case - Retain, Cross-Sell & Up-Sell
    • Host an online event or webcast series introducing new products and services along with ongoing educational webcasts to continue to drive interest.
    • Tactics: product launches, training, customer loyalty programs.

Want to learn more about the importance of webinars for marketing? 

Check out our recent white paper or email us for more information on how West Digital Media can help you implement these strategies.


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