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How to Send a Press Release to the Right Audience

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 - 10:30
How to Send a Press Release to the Right Audience

News distribution is one of the oldest means of communication.

From ancient times when people would shout news from the streets, journalism and the sharing of news has become one of the most important factors in our daily lives.

When it comes to the practice of public relations, for a PR professional it’s critical to ensure your desired target audience receives the news stories you’re creating. If your press release reaches someone in the media, and they’re not the right target for it, it will fall flat and result in a lack of coverage (and maybe even a negative perception of your brand or client).

That’s where technology partners come into play, to prevent this situation from happening!

At Intrado Digital Media, we’ve made technological advances to make sure you’re sending your press release to the right audience—and GlobeNewswire is a product of this news distribution modernization.

Let’s assume you have an important company announcement, and you want to maximize reach through high-quality media and news outlets which display related news to reach your targeted audiences. Can GlobeNewswire be your solution? Yes, it can!

At GlobeNewswire, you can choose, in a more funnelled manner, who you want your press releases to be distributed to and when you want to distribute them. You have the choice to use specific geographic distribution circuits and/or specific industry-focused distribution circuits.

What about the effectiveness in reaching global media outlets and audiences? Fear not!

GlobeNewswire’s full-service option offers full-text translation for your press releases and handles the distribution of translated versions for you.  

Speaking of which, translation is another valuable feature at GlobeNewswire. When English is not the standard language of the target audience, but you want your press release to go global, you can take advantage of the offered translation service. GlobeNewswire works closely with highly-accredited translation vendors who provide timely and high-quality translation.

Distribution selection is another high-value feature offered at GlobeNewswire.

Each of our distribution circuits are tailored to reach a specific market, industry, region, country, state, and city depending on your needs. Whether you wish to target your audience geographically or by industry, you can select your option easily on our secured service portal.

For example, if your announcement is about a medicinal breakthrough, you may want to focus on targeting the pharmaceutical market rather than fashion publications (however well a pharmaceutical release could coincide next to a press release about Roberto Cavalli’s latest line!).

To further enhance distribution reach and targeting to the right audiences, GlobeNewswire offers distribution to various trade industries that you can choose from to go with your selected distribution.

Flexibility is another great value we offer at GlobeNewswire. Our self-service model allows you to publish press releases via a self-service secured service portal. Our full-service model includes editorial review and advice for your content and guidance/counselling on best practices for press release distribution. 

As one of the world’s largest newswire distribution networks specializing in the delivery of press releases in various industry sectors, GlobeNewswire can be your communication solution and partner to getting your news out across the globe.

With our massive selection of distribution options (with new media outlets added every day), you can choose EXACTLY whom you want your news to go to. That’s much different from the early days of shouting in the streets!


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