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How to Deliver a More Engaging IR Webcast

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - 15:00
How to Deliver a More Engaging IR Webcast

Interaction has replaced consumption. Engaging content is often impactful content—and a positive impact for investor relations (IR) is a positive result for the entire corporation.

The IR webcast is the ideal opportunity to create content that engages your investors in your company’s story. Below, find four tips to help you create a more engaging IR webcast.

  1. Live Video

Consumer behavior is pushing the expectations for live video.

We often use FaceTime or other video technology in our spare moments to talk with friends and family, but historically, live video has not been fully adopted by the corporate office. Audio-only communications are still commonplace.

This is changing.

More affordable videoconferencing systems have increased the regularity and expectation of video meetings. It’s also worth acknowledging that millennials have grown up with video communications as the standard, and this demographic is now making impactful decisions in the workplace.

This is also true of institutional investors.

Live video provides a more transparent view of an organization’s leadership team and their message. It has been suggested that 55 percent of communication is body language—all of which would be completely missed without featuring video in your IR webcast.

  1. Multiple Presenters

Potential investors want to get as broad a perspective on a potential investment as possible, and hearing from multiple contributors helps to reinforce that.

Getting both the CEO and CFO’s comments is almost a given—but try to also have the heads of business units or product experts also contribute to your IR webcast.

This is particularly noteworthy in capital markets days when you will have more time to go into greater detail about your business. However, this can also be a worthwhile and engaging addition to an earnings results announcement.

  1. Product Information

An IR webcast is stereotypically a discussion around the numbers. Adding a layer of depth around product successes and roadmaps is a great way to engage your investor audience in the specifics of your business and how they relate to your broader story.

Also, visuals of your products are likely more engaging to look at than simply a screen of numbers. Consider adding marketing footage or imagery to accompany your messaging in order to maximize its impact.

Supplemental materials downloadable from the webcast also helps to bolster the value of the webcast messaging and increase engagement in it.

  1. Presentation Style

An IR webcast is a complete presentation.

You’re not just talking through the numbers. If that was the case, you would only send a press release.

Tell your story and captivate investors to be a part of that story. Do so with an engaging presentation style. Add enthusiasm, variety, visuals and movement.

It has also proven engaging at IR presentations to present somewhat of a “show and tell” of your products—having some on hand that you can reference and pitch. This is your opportunity to make your organization’s story resonate with the investment community.

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