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GlobeNewswire Press Releases Now Available in Apple News

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 09:15
GlobeNewswire Press Releases Now Available in Apple News

Providing our customers with the widest range of options for their press release distribution has been a cornerstone of our business for decades. As technology advances, new and different distribution channels become available with more ways for news consumers to customize the content they want to see, how they want to see it.  

We are very happy to announce that GlobeNewswire press releases are now featured in the Apple News app. 

GlobeNewswire Apple News

The app is automatically included on all Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad (for iOS 12 users in the US, UK and Australia).Apple News provides coverage of current events, curated by editors and personalized to app users, with a broad selection of highly regarded sources and topics. Apple News lets users create a personalized experience by showing stories that align with the topics and channels of interest to them.

GlobeNewswire press releases now appear alongside content from The Washington Post, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TechCrunch and many other news providers in the app.

Apple News has more than 62+ million monthly active users, significantly increasing the potential exposure of our customers’ news to global audiences.

There is no additional charge for press releases to appear in Apple News. Currently, all English-language press releases distributed via GlobeNewswire are automatically sent to Apple News.

Contact us via email to learn more about exposing your news to users of the Apple News app, or about any of our options for press release distribution.