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Digital IR Best Practices: Five Things to Know for 2019 [Webinar Recap]

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 11:30
Digital IR Best Practices: Five Things to Know for 2019 [Webinar Recap]

West Digital Media Solutions recently partnered with IR Magazine to present a special webinar on how to modernize your digital IR communications strategy.

Our session featured leading IR experts discussing how to build global investor relationships using digital best practices and tactics.

Coming out of the webinar, here were five important takeaways you should know and practice in 2019!

1. Be where your audiences are and give them the content they want.

Investors are increasingly turning to social media to gather information. Are you giving them the right content on the right channels? Are you asking them questions and finding out what they need to make decisions?  Don’t miss opportunities to share your subject-matter expertise and answer investors’ questions.

2. Create visual experiences to engage your audiences.

Investors now expect video and a supporting presentation during your webcasts – not a radio broadcast. People trust other people, and by featuring your CEO or CFO on camera, it can go a long way to help improve trust, transparency and credibility for your brand.

3. Prioritize mobile experiences for your audiences.

Mobile is now a “first-class citizen” and should be top of mind when building your investor relations website and content. Is your IR site responsive? Can your content be easily engaged with on mobile phones and tablets? Don’t leave design or user experience out as you think about your digital IR presence.

4. Regroup with your team following earnings calls to see how you can improve efforts.

From documenting questions asked, to sentiment analysis of press coverage and metrics such as webcast views and downloads, it’s important to take stock of what happened and how you can improve moving forward.

5. Partner with internal teams to build a stronger digital IR communications strategy.

Your IR program can benefit significantly from collaboration with your colleagues in the PR, marketing and digital departments. Think about ways to share content – video, marketing collateral, executive profiles, and other assets can be added to your IR website to provide a fuller picture of your company and its leadership. And if your IR team isn’t quite ready to foray into social media, partnering with your PR team is often a good way for IR to get social.

To help in your approach, the full webinar broadcast is now available on demand to share with your colleagues.

Bonus! You can also download our Digital IR Communications Best Practices Guide: 2019 Edition.

It’s time to take advantage of this opportunity to tell your company’s investment story – to not only captivate your IR audience, but market your brand as well.