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Best of 2019: Intrado Digital Media Client Summit

Thursday, December 5, 2019 - 17:00
Best of 2019: Intrado Digital Media Client Summit

As we get closer and closer to the beginning of a new year (and decade), it's time to reflect on everything we've accomplished at Intrado Digital Media. From announcing our new company name and brand to launching our all-in-one PR solution, 2019 has been a year of progress in our mission to help clients more effectively connect and communicate with their audiences.

To look back at the busy and exciting year that was, we'd like to share the very best of 2019 in a series of blog posts—starting with this one about our annual client summit.

The 2019 Intrado Digital Media Client Summit, “Telling Y/OUR Story,” was filled with amazing conversations about the future of marketing, public relations, internal communications and investor relations.

But for those of you who could not attend, we’ve got you covered with all the great content that came out of New York City.

We had experts from ViacomCBS, HuffPo UK, Mozilla, Merck, Nasdaq, Burton-Taylor and more sharing best practices across a variety of topics. And now, we have it all on demand.

Check out the sessions below, featuring amazing panel discussions and speakers, and use these insights to help improve your communications in 2020.






  • The Road to IPO - You’ll learn what communication strategies and partnerships need to be in place pre-IPO, why it’s important to leverage post-IPO momentum and press and how to mitigate surprises along the way. Watch now.


  • The Growing Importance of Measurement in PR - In this special session, featuring speakers from both London and New York, you’ll learn what key PR metrics you should be looking at across digital platforms, how AI and machine learning are impacting PR measurement and why curation and human analysis are still important. Watch now.







  • PR Measurement in Action - You’ll learn how setting smart goals can improve business results, why PR measurement needs to be done throughout the entirety of a campaign—not just the end—and what types of frameworks can help improve your measurement strategy. Watch now.




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