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5 Ways I Use Tech for More Effective Business Travel

Friday, January 25, 2019 - 10:15
5 Ways I Use Tech for More Effective Business Travel

One of the things I enjoy most about being part of a global organization is the opportunity to travel to our different offices to meet our team and see clients in person. I never take for granted how fortunate I am to be able to experience different cities, customers, and cultures. Travel can take a toll on you physically, and being away from family is never a good thing. But it’s part of the gig―you can’t build an employee culture and a strong business unless you spend time with people face to face!

I strongly encourage the use of technology in our workplace to bring our global teams together for regular, virtual video meetings―in fact, I have a rule that during our staff meetings, everyone must be on video.

But I still log thousands of frequent flyer miles every month, and while I’m travelling I need to be as productive as possible, so I’m constantly curating a great list of tools and tech that keep me connected and accessible. 

Here’s how I’m using tech to optimize my business travel:

1. Video Production

Anyone who knows me already knows how much I love video communications—it’s the most engaging, interesting way to connect with your customers and your teams! Every Friday, I send a video message across my organization that is a collection of clips from our global teams. No matter where I am, I need to be prepared to record my own video, or interview a colleague on camera, so I am never without my Osmo Mobile. This handheld gimbal for my iPhone stabilizes the video I shoot and ensures it’s never wobbly. I am also a big fan of Animoto. For those of you not trained at editing, this app helps you create basic videos and make great video montages in a snap.

2. Communications

I’ve taken calls from the back seat of an Uber and at a crowded, noisy gate at the airport. Mobile communications need two things: great headphones and a smartphone with a long battery life! I’m partial to my Apple AirPods because they’re compact with crystal-clear sound, but whatever your preference be sure you’re always carrying fully charged devices PLUS back-up battery power. Battery back-ups are my favorite giveaway at tradeshows―you can never have too many. 

I also highly recommend the iPad Pro with attachable keyboard―a powerhouse combination.  The battery life is exceptional, as is my ability to work with Excel and PowerPoint. (The Pro is also great for down-time…more on that below.)

3. Efficiency

A few mobile apps are absolutely essential to me (and likely many of you who travel a lot) because they not only increase my efficiency, they also significantly reduce risk of missed flights, missed approvals, etc.

  • The Mobile Passport Control (MPC) app helps expedite my travel
  • Global Entry is a must for international travel
  • SignEasy lets me sign and send contracts and approvals within minutes

4. Organization

Can you imagine your day without a functioning calendar? Neither can I. MobileDay syncs my calendars across all my devices, so that whether I look at my watch, phone, iPad, or laptop, I have full confidence in my calendar.  The Concur mobile expense app is a great way to keep all of my travel and receipts in perfect order.

5. Rest, Relaxation & Wellbeing

Last but certainly not least are a few of my favorite ways to find peace and quiet. Business travel and time-zone changes can be disorienting, and long flights can be just plain long. Here’s how I break the monotony and focus:

  • To motivate and get me moving, it’s Asana Rebel and Workout Trainer
  • For meditation and mindfulness, I like Insight Timer and Calm
  • Netflix lets me download videos so I always have something to watch
  • I can’t imagine traveling without Spotify for music and exercise playlists
  • Podcasts of all types keep me inspired, from business to sports to news
  • The Infatuation helps me find great food in great cities
  • My Apple Watch is not only great for tracking my physical activity and heart rate, it also connects to my iPhone seamlessly so I’m never out of the loop.

Are you a busy business traveler? We’d love to hear how you’re balancing travel and business efficiency.



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