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5 Great Features to Make Your IR Webcast More Engaging

Friday, November 16, 2018 - 11:00
5 Great Features to Make Your IR Webcast More Engaging

Making your investor relations (IR) webcast interesting and engaging can be difficult.  Uninspired presenters, dull subject matter, or a poor quality webcasting platform can cause your audience to tune out, no matter how valuable your content is. So what’s the secret of taking your IR webcast from bland to brilliant?

Your webcasting platform has a variety of interactive features that can catch (and keep!) the attention of media, shareholders, and stakeholders. Here are the top five features that can help keep your audience engaged.

1. Instant polls and surveys

Instant polls and surveys are a great way to get an audience involved with the information you’re presenting.  Ask for their opinion (who doesn’t love being asked what they think?), or see how much they know before delving into a topic. Getting your audience to voluntarily interact with the information you’re presenting is a key strategy for engagement.

Most IR webcasting platforms have polls and surveys capability built in, but you can also use third party options such as SurveyMonkey and Poll Everywhere. Be sure to give participants the opportunity to see how other attendees responded to the polls. That way, they’ll feel like they are part of a live audience and contributing to the discussion, instead of being passive observers.

2. Dynamic design

Dull slides and video feeds can derail your presentation before it begins. Your company has a logo and other graphic elements designed to communicate your brand’s personality. Why not customize your visuals and strengthen your branding at the same time by adding these graphics throughout? Putting graphic elements into your webcast can improve your professionalism and add interest.

Some of the best places to add your company’s brand include:

  • The signup page
  • The entrance portal on your IR website
  • All promotional emails to participants
  • The slide deck
  • All collateral and other downloads
  • On the actual webcast feed

3. Consider video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words! Viewers retain 95% of a message when watching it in video, and the overall impact is dramatically enhanced. Studies show that the majority of all communication is interpreted from non-verbal cues like facial expressions, gestures, and postures. Video offers management teams the ability to connect with their audience in a way that audio-only communication simply cannot. Registrations to webcasts featuring video are almost 75% higher than the average investor relations event, and view times of video webcasts are over 25% longer than the average.

4. Answer question feature

Using questions and answers is an easy way to boost the interactive nature of a webcast, while keeping the content informative. Using the feature that allows viewers to type questions that are seen by a presenter ensures that questions can be answered in a timely manner, and allows webcast participants to feel like they are being heard. The presenter can also ask questions of the audience to keep them interested and to gauge understanding. To effectively use questions throughout a presentation, vary the types of questions used:

  • Yes / No questions
  • Direct questions to specific participants (just make sure you notify participants of this possibility at the beginning of the webinar)

5. Analytics for improvement

After the webcast is finished, some of the most important work remains. Take a look at your analytics to gain an accurate picture of what worked and what didn’t. Here are some important metrics you should track to improve your next webinar campaign:

  • Registration numbers – get an indication of how well you promoted the event and how many people were interested in attending.
  • Attendance to registration ratio – gain insight into the effectiveness of your registration page and your emails leading up to the webinar.
  • Attendees at start vs attendees at finish ratio – know the number of attendees who started the webinar, and how many stayed until the end. This gives you a chance to see how engaging your webinar is for the entire duration.
  • Meeting temperature – see how your participants rate your webinar, and let them provide you with instant feedback, without interrupting the webinar flow.

Make your next IR webinar one to remember

With the help of powerful features from a webcasting platform, you can create an engaging and memorable event. Technical support and a positive mobile experience can help ensure your webinar is seamless from start to finish. Your IR webcast is too important to host on a poor quality platform that doesn’t offer a range of easy-to-use interactive features. Learn more about West’s webcast solutions and explore the features that improve interactivity and audience engagement.