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4 Tips for Earnings Announcements in a Post-COVID World

Thursday, August 27, 2020 - 16:30
4 Tips for Earnings Announcements in a Post-COVID World

The world has transformed into a virtual one in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. For achieving business continuity, some meetings are easier to move online than others.

Investor relations results announcements fall into the “events that cannot afford to fail” category. Preparing the right format is crucial.

How Do You Find the Right Solution for IR?

To help guide you throughout the rest of 2020 (and beyond), here are 4 tips for your next earnings announcement:

  1. Demonstrate Business Continuity - To display the continued investment value in your organization, you’ll want this represented in your ability to continue through and after the pandemic. Offer the same transparency you did before. The regulatory requirements are still there to be fulfilled—the press release and posting to your website—but don't shy away from the responsibility of giving investors access to your leadership team through a Q&A session. Show strength in times of challenge.


  1. Ensure Live Support - Virtual meetings or conferencing software has been exponentially valuable during the crisis and will continue to be. Small group meetings cannot be held in person, so leveraging such technology is essential. Results announcements, however, are not the occasion to make good use of software applications that serve your day-to-day meetings so well. You need the announcement to go smoothly and you must have somebody to call on if there are any surprises. Such applications don't offer this live support that may be critical if, for instance, your CEO's home connection proves glitchy.


  1. Think Creatively - You've been given an opportunity to communicate your message in a different way than you’re used to. Go beyond the industry norm. Whether it's producing a “simulive” experience (pre-recording your speakers and then holding a live Q&A), alternative backgrounds, pulling in multiple speakers from different locations, or a variety of content, think about your IR story and how best to communicate it.


  1. Smile For the Camera - Everybody's adopting video. It's here to stay, and results announcements are not the place to dodge it. Embrace it! Vodafone, for instance, had investors join their CEO and CFO via webcam for a live video results event in May. This was the same discussion experience for investors and viewers as it would have been in pre-COVID circumstances. But the requirements of social distancing simply meant it was important to make better use of the technology available.

Vodafone Earnings

Are You Ready for Smarter, Simpler IR Communications?

We’re excited to introduce our new product, Intrado Unison, a single destination for integrated IR comms. Unison is a game changer for IR teams and is purpose-built to solve their challenges.

Unison makes communications simpler for our clients by eliminating the need to manage multiple systems and vendors. Everything you need is in one platform:

You and your team can easily access and switch between applications, manage your calendar of events and analyze data across your IR communications.

Beyond access to your solutions is the wealth of data at your fingertips. Key metrics help you measure and benchmark your performance, whether it’s for a specific event or across multiple activities.

Unison Dashboard
What Are Unison’s Features?

Unison provides an integrated experience for across your IR communications. Features include:

  • A Single Point of Access: All Intrado Digital Media IR communications solutions are available in the platform, including webcasting, webhosting, GlobeNewswire and governance hotline via one URL with one login and password.
  • Dashboard: The Unison dashboard gives you easy access to your applications, activities, at-a-glance KPIs, latest news and direct access to customer support.
  • Application Switcher: You can seamlessly switch between your different applications from within Unison, eliminating the need to visit separate websites and log in to multiple platforms.
  • Calendar: All IR activities are automatically managed and displayed in an interactive calendar, with single-click links to all events and quick access to actionable reports.
  • Benchmark Reporting: New reporting capabilities provide KPI and trend analytics for press releases, webcasts and IR websites. You can quickly identify performance gaps and opportunities for improvement while comparing and benchmarking against peers.

Interested in learning more? If you have questions, or would like a demo, contact us by email. You can also learn more on our website.

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