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West Video Meeting Gateway (VMG) Officially Launches

Monday, October 3, 2016 - 11:45
West Video Meeting Gateway Launch

West Video Meeting Gateway is designed to enable a native video meeting experience within Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business for any endpoint.

In today’s world, business users are joining meetings from different devices and distant locations, and turning to a variety of solutions when it comes to audio, web and video conferencing capabilities. As our business and personal communication styles continue to shift toward video, with 54 percent of employees today regularly participating in video conferences, technology needs to support collaboration – not get in its way.

Employees Using Video Conferencing

When it comes to video conferencing, many enterprises need to overcome mixed environments of different vendors and want to take advantage of infrastructure they’ve already purchased. This remains true when we look at one of the most popular collaboration solutions for enterprises, Microsoft’s Skype for Business, which is poised to exceed more than 100 million enterprise customers by 2018. As the world’s largest conferencing services provider, we’re dedicated to making communication easy.

So, to empower collaboration, improve the Microsoft Skype for Business UC experience and help our clients make the most of their investment in video conferencing, we’ve developed a new product: West Video Meeting Gateway (VMG).

Join Office 365 or Skype for Business Meetings from Any Endpoint

West VMG is a behind-the-scenes technology that inherently makes video conferencing easier. A video transcoding gateway, West VMG provides the ability to connect one technology protocol to another; and, it’s the only solution to enable a native video meeting experience within Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business from any endpoint.

This means Skype for Business users can now experience HD video, audio, presentation sharing and chat with their legacy video conferencing rooms.


Top 4 Benefits of West Video Meeting Gateway

1. Improved User Experience

Instead of jumping between tools, West VMG offers users the benefit of scheduling, hosting and joining Skype for Business meetings directly within Office 365 without separate plugins that require additional steps.

2. Fewer Tools, Better Functionality

With West VMG, users have the ability to join Skype for Business meetings from any device, anywhere and at any time, using the standard Skype for Business add-in in Outlook. VMG also supports both dial-in and dial-out functionality. This means users can be called directly, or simply dragged into meetings from a Skype client. Similarly, other video tools can call a Skype for Business user directly via their SIP address. Dial-in access is as simple as following the instructions in your Skype for Business invitation.

3. No More Plug-Ins

IT departments won’t need to deploy, update and manage additional plug-ins when using West VMG. And, there is no learning or adoption phase when transitioning to West VMG– IT leaders simply need to inform end-users that they are now able to invite video room systems to meetings.

4. Easy Cloud Implementation

West VMG is the perfect solution, whether you’re considering the cloud now or in the future, since implementation is quick and easy. Once implemented, callers can use their conference codes as their meeting identifier, meaning they can join any call from any video device.  


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