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West Launches Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 15:30
Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice

Every knowledge worker has suffered through that conference call - the one with distracting background noise, dropped audio and participants talking at the same time. Modern businesses rely on conferencing technology to ensure productivity, but poor audio quality continues to infringe on meeting success. Though technology has empowered the growing mobile workforce in many ways, having effective meetings can be especially challenging when combining in-room participants and mobile attendees.

As the world’s largest conferencing provider, we’re committed to alleviating this type of meeting fatigue. To diminish the hurdles to VoIP adoption and deliver crystal clear audio, we’ve partnered with Dolby. We’re excited to launch Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice - a new solution that combines the breadth of the Conferencing Cloud with the outstanding sound clarity of Dolby Voice. Even in challenging environments like airports, coffee shops or in traffic, remote attendees can clearly hear and follow the in-meeting room conversation, so they can feel - and contribute - as if they were in the room.

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Top 6 Benefits of Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice

1. Fuels Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Adoption

More organizations are turning to VoIP conferencing as a way to reduce telephony costs, but VoIP frequently results in poor audio quality. With Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice, users can reap the benefits of VoIP while experiencing optimal sound quality.

2. In-person Meeting Experience

Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice truly caters both to in-office and remote workers by delivering an experience that mimics an in-person meeting. Enabled by end-to-end HD audio, all voices come through with clarity and detail while suppressing background noise (such as pesky street noise), meaning mobile participants no longer need to mute their lines while taking calls on-the-go.

3. Natural Conversation

Being unable to identify who’s speaking on a call is not only frustrating for participants, but also detrimental to meeting productivity. Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice uses spatial voice separation to make it easier to identify who’s speaking and to follow the conversation as it moves among speakers by presenting each person’s voice from a distinct virtual location. The Dolby Conference Phone, available for purchase from West, picks up on the quietest of voices, from anywhere in the room.

4. Increased Productivity

With fewer audio interruptions and distractions, meeting participants enjoy clear and naturally flowing conversations. As a result, organizations experience more efficient and productive meetings while participants exhibit increased comprehension and participation. In fact, testing found a 25 percent improvement in task efficiency using Dolby Voice compared to using a mono, standards-based conference environment, based on standard ITU-T testing

5. Easy-to-use Service

The Dolby Conference Phone offers a modern, streamlined design with a user-friendly touch screen that requires fewer touches to join or manage a meeting – eliminating the need for a dial-in number. West’s MobileMeet app for iOS and Android makes it easy for participants to join the meeting from their phone.

6. Integrates With and Enhances Unified Communications and Conferencing Solutions

Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice delivers flexible service connectivity to support VoIP networks, including the public Internet, or traditional phone line connections (PSTN). Dual-mode capability on the Dolby Conference Phone allows meeting participants to join both Reservationless-Plus calls and traditional IP telephony calls.

The Dolby Conference Phone is now available for purchase from West. To reinvent the conferencing experience at your organization, learn more about Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice.

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