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Solving "A Conference Call in Real Life" Problems

Sunday, November 15, 2015 - 10:30
Conference Call in Real Life

Anyone who has spent time on a conference call can attest to the fact that there are a multitude of awkward situations that can arise and ruin the overall experience.

These situations were pointed out in a recent video that went viral on YouTube, “A Conference Call in Real Life.” If you haven’t seen the clip yet, just like the title suggests, it depicts what would happen if a typical conference call were to be acted out by a group of people sitting around a table.

The reason the video is so popular is because we all can associate with it; anyone who’s been on a conference call has probably experienced as least one of the scenarios depicted in the video. But with the right solutions, your conference calls don’t have to go this way.


Here is a look at some of the problems that are addressed during the video, and how you can make sure that they don’t happen to you:

1. Getting someone’s name wrong

The video starts when a woman chimes into a conference and the man at the table thinks it’s someone else. With the right conference call software, visibility features allow everyone to see who is in attendance over a mobile device or computer screen. That way, instead of asking who just joined, attendees can specifically greet each other by name.

2. Bored attendees

During the video, the camera shows the face of a woman who appears to be working hard on her laptop. But when the camera shows her screen, she is playing cards. Boredom, in other words, is a major problem during a conference call.

So why not try adding an online meeting component to keep attendees interested because they can see what you are talking about? This will keep everyone active and working together instead of drifting off into space and wasting valuable time.

3. Locked out attendees

One of the most awkward scenes  in the video involves a conferencer being locked out of the room, struggling to get back inside. Those in the meeting try and help out by yelling to put in access codes and PIN numbers, which disrupts the meeting.

With the help of a one-click solution, attendees in real life can jump directly from an email invitation to the meeting and avoid the hassles of not being able to enter a conference call.

Now your meetings will run like this instead…

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