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Maximizing Cisco Webex Teams with a Hybrid Approach

Friday, May 6, 2016 - 12:30
Cisco Webex Teams Hybrid

Effective collaboration is a hallmark of a successful workplace. With today’s teams collaborating via messaging, meeting and calling, it’s up to companies to provide cutting-edge tools for these three methods. Either that or teams will find their own solutions delivered over the top.

While many organizations do offer these tools, they frequently are not interconnected. For instance, a company might have one tool for messaging and a separate resource for virtual meetings. However, this separation can impede timely collaboration when a group needs to turn a messaging or email thread into a conference call.  

Today’s teams must able to move seamlessly between messaging, meeting and calling when they collaborate. Cisco Spark emerged to meet this need, offering a collaboration experience that merges the different communication methods within a single service-set. In essence, it provides collaboration teams with a secure virtualized conference room where they can benefit fully from the collaborative unification of the cloud.

However, many companies are looking for a collaboration toolset that includes seamless voice capabilities which provide enterprise-grade performance and quality.  While Spark Call provides some voice capability, it hasn’t yet reached the kind of functionality offered by either on-prem or hosted enterprise voice capabilities.  As a result, we are proud to offer Cisco Spark to our users combined with VoiceMaxx CE, our enterprise voice platform that extends and augments the capabilities of Cisco’s own HCS. By harnessing the integrated architecture of Spark Hybrid, our mid-market and enterprise customers can enjoy all the messaging and meeting advantages of Spark as well as additional benefits.

By combining VoiceMax CE’s functionalities with Spark, our clients will experience enterprise-grade services including:

  • Voice and video calling internally and externally
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility, giving more latitude to employees who’d like to use the solution’s capabilities while working from home
  • Full PBX functionality
  • Seamless integration with apps like WebEx

West is committed to building upon our successful relationship with Cisco to offer our customers the most robust and future-focused solutions possible. By integrating with our voice services, our Cisco Spark Hybrid solution augments the meeting and messaging innovations of Spark to provide users with a truly integrated collaboration experience. Companies that adopt this resource will be able to offer their employees a tool that makes collaboration easier and more seamless. As a result, they can expect a boost in employee productivity and satisfaction, and a positive and long-lasting impact on the bottom line.

West UC’s Cisco Spark and Cisco Spark Hybrid integrated solutions are available now to mid-market and enterprise customers. Check out www.WestUC.com for more information.

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