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Flu Season is Remote Work Season

Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 09:45
Remote work for Flu season

Somewhere along the way, work changed from being a physical place we go to every day into becoming a mindset. With globalization and the rise of remote work, meeting and collaboration tools have become central to the way we work today. These solutions enable real-time engagement from anywhere and a wide range of devices. When fully deployed and adopted they provide significant benefits for businesses. This time of year, though, there’s one benefit in particular that’s on everyone’s mind. 

Flu is No Little Bug

The CDC estimates that each flu season there will be at least 22 million related illnesses. The direct cost for hospitalizations and outpatient visits tops $10 Billion annually in the US alone. The financial impact on businesses via lost productivity would add even more to the total. This year, with the coronavirus outbreak already resulting in a substantial human and economic impact, developing approaches to minimize illness-related disruption is more important than ever before.

Survival Strategies for Flu Season

Maximizing your teams’ output throughout the year starts with encouraging employees to stay home and rest when they’re feeling under the weather, or to work remotely. As the CDC and your mom have suggested, recovery is key (and staying hydrated, too). 

Avoiding illness is everyone’s first choice, though. So, kudos to the 173.3 million people who’ve already gotten the flu vaccine this year. CDC also suggests several other ways to prevent the flu:

  1. Avoid close contact
  2. Stay home when you’re sick
  3. Cover your mouth & nose
  4. Clean your hands
  5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth

Lastly, we’d suggest increasing your team’s use of remote work, enabled by video-first meeting services.  When it comes to meeting solutions, offered as part of a wider unified communications package, Intrado leads the way in providing you with options to best meet your team’s needs. With choices from Cisco, Microsoft, and our own proprietary solutions, Intrado can match your team with the right tools to meet their needs. And no one is better prepared than Intrado to support the increased meetings traffic that results from dramatic spikes in flu or the more every-day ebb and flow that your business sees.

It’s a complicated world out there and flu season can make it more so. Intrado is ready to help make it a little simpler and a little more productive.