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Global Business: Contact Centers Deserve the Same Attention As Store Design

Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 12:00
Contact Centers Deserve Attention

Global businesses spend many years and millions of dollars to perfect the continuity of a store design. They hope their efforts will result in a look and feel that is familiar to customers no matter where they encounter the brand around the world. Your global contact center should be treated similarly.

Today, many global businesses have an ad-hoc network of disparate customer service systems to handle calls, email, chat, video conferences, SMS and more. Most have dozens of applications that are managed one-off and don’t connect to one another, let alone get the benefit of integrating with back-end systems such as customer relationship management tools.

The complexity of these systems makes it nearly impossible for businesses to develop a gold standard for handling customer inquiries, comments and complaints, not to mention measuring response times and other critical metrics, or analyzing performance, and generating reports.

What you need is a single contact center that can be deployed to the far reaches of your global business. From there, you can create a unified strategy for interacting with your most precious asset – your customers.

Having West as a Contact Center Partner

West can partner with you on this journey. Together we can customize a cloud-based platform that integrates all the ways in which you connect with your customers, including phone, email, video, text, and chat. We can do a granular study of how your brand must adapt its customer service approach based on local customs and cultures and ensure those particulars are accounted for in your universal approach.

We will help you create a comprehensive strategy for your contact center that can be rolled out in a standardized manner, complete with telephone equipment and services, as well as applications. We also will help you with training and troubleshooting so that employees experience your contact center in the same way, no matter where they are in the world.

One of the keys to improving customer experience is to be able to measure the efficiency of calls and other interactions. West Cloud Contact Pro cloud-based contact center platform uses common industry metrics such as average handle time, first contact resolution (FCR), customer satisfaction, and customer effort to assess overall and individual performance, effectiveness, and efficiency. Executives and business leaders can employ these metrics centrally across the entire organization, run customized analytics and then share reports to spark improvement. The holistic view of how your brand is received helps you respond in real time to customer demands.

As you add on offices, stores, or employees – anyone involved in contact center operations – you can easily bring them into the fold and maintain the standards you’ve set.

Return on Investment

The more you invest in the upfront work, with West as your guide, the better your return on investment. You want to make sure to integrate your contact center with all business applications that could benefit from its data, including CRMs, enterprise resource management and human resources systems.

Deploying a standardized and unified contact center also enables you to make optimal use of your employees. You can route calls based on an agent’s expertise rather than just their geography, producing an enhanced experience for your customers. You also can offload calls to other regions during high-volume times without customers noticing a difference in service.

Contact centers can take your global business to another level – enabling your customers to experience your excellent customer service from anywhere in the world. Let West help you set your contact center standards and stick to them.


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