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West's Unified Communications Services Launches InterCall Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice

West and Dolby Team to Bring the Highest Quality Sound Experience to the World’s Largest Conferencing-Dedicated Network

CHICAGO & SAN FRANCISCO, March 1, 2017West’s Unified Communications Services and Dolby Laboratories, Inc. announced today a partnership bringing the exceptional sound quality and clarity of Dolby Voice to the world’s largest conferencing-dedicated network with the launch of InterCall® Reservationless-Plus® with Dolby Voice®.

Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice provides users with enhanced audio quality through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks. Dolby Voice and the Dolby Conference Phone bring Dolby audio innovation to business communications. With Dolby Voice, meetings sound clearer and are easier to follow, making collaboration effortless. Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice integrates with a full range of West’s proprietary solutions, including InterCall Unified Meeting® 5 and InterCall MobileMeet®, as well as partner solutions such as Cisco WebEx® when used with InterCall Reservationless-Plus audio.

Audio Conferencing ImportanceUsers can get the Dolby Voice audio experience from desktop computers and mobile devices or in meeting rooms as part of West’s delivered audio, web, and video conferencing solutions.

“By connecting the power of Dolby Voice with our global conferencing-dedicated network, West continues to deliver on its promise to provide the best possible conferencing experience,” said Rob Bellmar, executive vice president of business operations for West’s Unified Communications Services segment. “Diminished quality is not only a top productivity killer, but it’s also one of the main hurdles to VoIP adoption. Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice ensures end users benefit from the simplicity of VoIP conferencing and best-in-class sound quality.”

The Dolby Conference Phone is now available from West and extends the Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice experience to and from meeting rooms. It picks up all voices from anywhere in the room and makes it easier for remote participants to clearly hear and identify who is speaking, so they can contribute as if they are actually in the room.

“Dolby Voice creates exceptionally clear and natural audio for conferencing. By employing the most advanced noise suppression technology and delivering sounds from distinct virtual locations Dolby Voice enhances the understanding and conversation flow while preventing distracting background noise on calls,” said Andrew Border, vice president, Dolby Communications Group. “We’re looking forward to working with West to revolutionize how organizations collaborate in meeting rooms, at their desktops or on mobile devices anywhere on their global network."

Whether on a conference call or in a web or video conference, audio quality is essential to having a successful meeting. According to a recent study by Wainhouse Research, 82 percent of organizations identify one or more problems with conferencing audio. The most common are background noise (51 percent), audio clarity (44 percent), and an inability to understand the conversation when more than one person speaks (29 percent).

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West’s collaboration with Dolby enhances its existing unified communications and conferencing solutions by transforming the meeting experience with heightened audio quality contributing to more natural conversation flow and increased productivity. Even mobile participants, who in the past often injected distracting noise, can now hear more clearly and more easily participate in conversations.

“Dolby Voice represents the standard in high fidelity conference calls for the enterprise. After years of compromised call quality from mobile phones and questionable fixed circuit connections, users are demanding a better service,” said Marc Beattie, senior analyst and partner, Wainhouse Research.  “West addresses this requirement with the broadest portfolio of Dolby Voice integrated into MobileMeet, Unified Meeting, Reservationless-Plus, and WebEx audio services.”

Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice will be available initially to customers in North America. The company plans to extend the offering to EMEA and APAC regions later this year. For more information, visit www.westuc.com/dolby-voice.

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