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Unified Communications in Transition

Preserving Your Options and Propelling Your Growth

As the pace of business accelerates and the demand for boundary-less IT support intensifies, you’re challenged to make critical decisions with regard to business communications. However, it’s often difficult to gain clarity when you try to sort through all the claims and promises being made in relation to unified communications solutions. The truth is, unified communications is a set of technologies in transition. There is enormous uncertainty about what tomorrow’s applications will look like.

It’s unclear how to strike an appropriate balance between capex and opex, on-prem and cloud, what’s core and what’s peripheral. Recognizing these uncertainties, you’ll have to decide the right path for your organization. How will you preserve your options? How will you prepare your communications infrastructure for the future? And how will you maximize the business impact of your UC investments? Along with answering these questions, you’ll have to determine what type of partner can provide the guidance and support you require. Of course, you’ll be approached by product vendors and systems integrators—each offering a complicated path to UC implementation.

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