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Adobe Connect Enterprise Video

Adobe Connect is being used by large enterprises to reach out the their customers, to their partners and to their employees - all distributed around the world.

Adobe Connect allows marketers to have webinars and training professionals like those at Xerox to deliver rich, engaging training online.

The real time training and e-content sharing allows trainers to reach employees around the world to deliver first class training and tutoring.

Adobe Connect is so intuitive that all it takes is a quick tutorial at the beginning of a meeting and meeting participants can use the features in just seconds.

Adobe has created a lot of ground breaking tools that revolutionize the way people engage with ideas and information - and that applies to interactive web meetings as well.

Adobe is getting recognition from PC Magazine and Forrester for developing such a useful and inspiring product.

It is important to Adobe that the mobile meeting experience is as good as the one that you're getting on a PC. Nearly everything you can do via Adobe Connect on your PC, you can also do on your mobile device.

Not only can you join meetings via your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Playbook, or any Android device, but you can host meetings from any of these devices as well.

Adobe Connect also allows you to create a personal meeting room to use at any time with a custom URL. The meeting rooms are always on and will stay exactly as you left it. And you can use them as often as you like.

Another huge benefit of Adobe Connect is the type of engagement you can have. It allows all types of rich content to be displayed - everything from the animations in PowerPoint to high definition video - whether its pre-recorded video or live webcams.

Another incredible feature is the recording features of Adobe Connect. Not only can you watch a recording of a meeting that you missed, but you can interact with the recording as if you were in the actual meeting. You can click on links, download files, and copy and paste the text that was available.

Adobe Connect's open architecture allows it to integrate with virtually all the infrastructure that is already in place within an organization. That reduces the amount if IT support needed to install and operate the technology - cutting costs.

Adobe Connect can integrate with Learning Management Solutions (LMS), CRM systems, or even LDAP and single sign-on systems.

Adobe Connect also boasts an incredibly secure communications solution. It's nearly impossible for an unauthorized person to breach a meeting or environment.

Adobe isn't simply resting on it's laurels, however. They are pushing the technology forward and looking to add even more exciting features their impressive suite.