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Cloud Contact Center Reporting and Dashboards

West Cloud Contact Pro offers actionable insight into contact center performance with real-time and historical reporting.

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Historical Data Analysis

Real-time Dashboards, Historical Reporting and Management Tools Put You in Control

We understand how important real-time and historical performance metrics are to the successful operation of contact centers. Finding the right statistics can be the difference between meeting customer expectations or missing the mark entirely. West Cloud Contact Pro collects data across a myriad of different points, allowing point and click access to both real-time and historical reporting.

With our suite of reporting tools you can respond to emerging situations immediately. Balance and blend demand across call directions and media types, and understand how campaigns, queues, IVR, scripts, lists, departments, teams and individuals are performing throughout your contact center. With our handy management tools, you can configure, monitor, manage and optimize performance securely over any device, no matter where you are.

Real-time Dashboards

Spend Less Time Looking for Data and More Time Analyzing It

Our customizable, browser-based dashboards allow you to quickly access KPIs and team performance so that you can react in real-time. Cloud Contact Pro dashboards are updated every second and act as a personal assistant, alerting you to emerging situations and helping you concentrate on what really matters.

You can drill down from companywide metrics to location or department levels, and from here you can further examine teams and individual performance metrics. This 100% visibility also exists for individual customer reporting, call queueing metrics, service level reporting, dialed number statistics, and campaign performance reports.

Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting at Your Fingertips

We offer a comprehensive suite of the most commonly asked for reports, but you can easily query and create custom reports using a friendly and familiar Excel user interface. Data can be refreshed, charted, graphed and placed into Pivot tables for further analysis, and you can easily schedule reports to be emailed on a regular basis or share them securely over the web with colleagues.

We also provide an API that allows you to integrate real-time and historical information from your contact center to your data warehouse or other business applications. This integration creates consolidated reporting with a single user interface that brings together CRM, ERP, contact center and financial system data in one central location.