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  Rest assured with complete security and compliance.

Rest assured with complete security and compliance.

Keep Data Safe in the Cloud

Data theft is a threat to businesses and to consumers alike. There are few things more damaging to a brand’s reputation than having their customers’ data stolen. In the contact center, special attention must be paid to the processes and technologies that protect client data.

West provides audit and system reports giving you real-time monitoring and visibility of who is using your solution, when, and their activity. We also actively monitor more than 2500 unique sensor points in our network, in real-time, to proactively alert our 24/7 support team at the first sign of any impending event that could compromise service availability. In addition, we run daily penetration testing on our networks and our platform has integrated fraud detection and management tools, intrusion detection, real-time threat management services and multi-vendor malware.

Record Voice Calls and Agent Screens

West’s cloud-based call recording software provides contact centers with amazing insight and analytics throughout the customer experience. Every customer interaction within your contact center, including both voice recording and computer screen recording content, is transparently recorded and stored for as long as you need it, and underpinned by an ISO 27001 certified security infrastructure for protection. As a cloud-based solution, there's no capex, no long lead time, and no complex installation or hardware required.

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