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UC Training and Adoption Services Overview

Delivering Value to Unified Communications Deployments

The successful implementation of new technologies does not end with deployment to the desktop. True success is achieved when end users effectively embrace the applications, resulting in a measurable return on investment and increased business productivity. Our training and adoption services ensure the successful deployment of unified communications technologies, including conferencing, messaging and voice applications. Programs are designed to promote rapid acceptance and use of new applications by combining precise methods with carefully measured success metrics.

Unified Communications Training and Adoption Approach

UC Consulting and Assessment

To begin, a West UC consultant helps to establish business goals and define success metrics. Target user groups are identified while cultural and technical readiness is assessed, resulting in the development of a comprehensive launch project plan.

Communications and Training

During this phase, a consultant will oversee the development of a strategic awareness campaign, which includes providing assistance with messaging for promotional materials, segmentation for key user groups, and the creation of a communications timeline. Training content is created and customized around business goals and various user groups. All trainings are scheduled and conducted through a unique, branded portal which provides a central location for all live and on-demand training courses, attendance information and survey data.

Measurement and Review

Throughout the process, your West UC consultant tracks training participation and measures effectiveness through participant surveys. After all findings are gathered, an engagement summary and recommendations report is delivered. The report includes quantitative measurements of the defined success metrics, as well as next steps recommendations to ensure that adoption continues beyond the engagement.

Training activities can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Administrator training
  • Train the trainer
  • Executive-led kickoff events
  • Role-based training
  • Live end user group training
  • Recorded on-demand training
  • One-on-one training
  • Multilingual support available