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Whiteboard Fridays: Cisco Collaboration Flex Licensing Made Simple

Friday, August 11, 2017 - 09:15
Cisco Collaboration Flex Licensing

Cisco Collaboration Flex Licensing: Mix and Match Messaging and Calling Plans to Configure a Cloud, Hosted, and/or Premises-based Hybrid UC Environment

Cisco Webex Teams is a service of the Cisco Collaboration Cloud that creates a place for teams to work together, where their work can live, and a way to stay connected to it all. Webex Teams offers a new enterprise licensing plan called “Flex” that allows customers to mix and match within messaging and calling plans to configure an on-premises, cloud and/or hosted unified communications (UC) environment.

The primary benefits of Collaboration Flex are:

  • The flexibility to customize within your Webex Teams messaging and calling plans for the specific requirements of your organization
  • The convenience of modular plans with clearly defined service plans for ease of configuration
  • The simplicity of stacked plans that enable you to build a scalable UC platform for your organization

What are the Service Plans of Cisco’s Collaboration Flex Licensing Program?

Cisco’s Collaboration Flex licensing offers three messaging plans (also called “SKUs”) and three corresponding calling plans (or SKUs):

  • M1 is a basic messaging plan for small meetings – one-on-one to the people
  • M2 includes the services of M1 and scales them to as large as 25-person meetings
  • M3 includes the services of M1 and M2 plus the full capabilities of Webex Meetings and Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR)
  • The C1, C2 and C3 plans have calling service plans that correspond to the messaging plans on the same step-by-step scale

Collaboration Flex Licensing Enables a Blended On-Premises, Cloud and/or Hosted UC Environments

Customers engaging Collaboration Flex licensing have multiple configuration options for their UC environment, including these scenarios:

  • Customers with an existing on-premises Cisco Communications Manager (CUCM) environment easily may move to a partner-hosted cloud environment – e.g., West’s VoiceMaxx CE.
  • Customers with an existing on-premises CUCM environment easily may move to a Cisco-hosted cloud environment with Cisco Webex Teams calling capability.
  • Customers also may involve Webex Calling in the mix, moving multiple locations onto the calling plan.

In short, Flex licenses apply across your service, so you can move them as your organization’s needs evolve.

Interested in Learning more about Cisco Collaboration Flex Licensing?

Cisco Collaboration Flex licensing provides you with flexibility, convenience and simplicity when configuring your on-premises and/or hosted UC environment.

If you have VoiceMaxx CE or are considering VoiceMaxx CE, or you are an existing CUCM customer, we would be happy to tell you more about what Collaboration Flex licensing can do for your organization.

Give us a call at 877-489-7647 or use the ‘connect with sales’ button at the right of the page.

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