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West Wins 2018 Cisco Annuity Partner of the Year at Collaboration Summit

Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 10:00
Cisco Annuity Partner of the Year

Cisco Collaboration Summit, a yearly invitation-only event that features Cisco’s executive leadership, wrapped up just a couple of weeks ago in Phoenix, and as usual, there were some big announcements. This year, Rowan Trollope shared news that’s exciting for customers and partners alike. Cisco Spark, designed for persistent team collaboration, is converging with WebEx, the leading enterprise solution for video and web conferencing. A press release from Cisco stated: 

“The result is a new Webex Meetings application for your meetings and a new seamless team collaboration application called Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark). We are putting all our award-winning video devices onto this newly converged platform. And we’re adding a new hardware device that turns any work space with a TV into a Webex room.”


As Zeus Kerravala noted, leveraging the highly recognizable and trusted Webex brand just makes sense. Among the changes, Spark will now be known as Webex Teams, with WebEx becoming Webex Meetings (note: the capital E is going away as part of the update). Beyond the rebrand of Spark to Webex, the back-end platform technology will also be consolidated, addressing questions that have been raised over the last couple of years about overlapping technology in the Spark and WebEx platforms.

In other news, Cisco handed out awards to top partners in several categories. This year, West is honored to be recognized with two awards:

  • Annuity Leader: Americas
  • Annuity Leader: EMEAR

The annuity awards are given to partners who have demonstrated the greatest success in leading with the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan and evolving their business to capture recurring revenue.

Cisco Collaboration Award Winner Badge

According to Cisco:

"West Corporation is an example of true success through its continued investment in our partnership. Its commitment to Cisco is demonstrated by the volume of business it brings to the table and its eagerness to be first to market with our unified collaboration story. As an early adopter of Cisco solutions, West has been crucial in helping us refine our go-to-market strategy, including product, process, and platform adjustments, while maintaining its status as our largest Webex reseller. Certification, training, and audit participation have kept West on the leading edge of our portfolio. It sets the standard for combining agility and innovation, which has led to successful partnering. West delivers a world-class collaboration experience by remaining focused on its customers' results and on connecting people to ideas."


West Wins at 2018 Cisco Collaboration Summit

This award comes on the heels of being named the first Cisco Powered Cisco Spark Service Provider in the world. With a dedicated in-house team devoted to creating synergistic product offerings that are designed to seamlessly work alongside Cisco-based services, our portfolio has expanded over the years to cover enterprise voice (VoiceMaxx CE which includes Cisco HCS), omnichannel contact center (Cloud Contact CE which includes Cisco HCS for Contact Centers), cost-saving conferencing for Webex Meetings (via Cloud Connected Audio or "CCA-SP") and many other Cisco cloud collaboration services.

With a breadth of expertise spanning solution design, implementation, adoption and ongoing support, you can rest assured knowing that West has you covered when it comes to Cisco collaboration. If you need expert assistance designing and implementing your Cisco cloud strategy, just reach out.


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