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Peering into a Better Customer Experience

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - 14:45
Network Peering Customer Service

If you are like many IT leaders, your network has evolved in response to significant changes in your operating environment: integration of acquisitions, geographic expansion and the organic growth in your organization’s bandwidth requirements. Over the years, it has probably come to resemble a patchwork quilt, just like old great-aunt Gladys might have made. Unlike the quilt that can be passed down from generation to generation, your network probably doesn’t have quite the same lifespan.

Delivering Consistent Quality with Maxxis

Maxxis, our application-aware network solution optimized for the delivery of real-time communications, centralized applications, and cloud-based services, comes in. West’s Maxxis network solution allows an enterprise to deploy a converged, all IP network as a fully managed infrastructure with unprecedented application performance, flexibility and resiliency. It also offers Quality of Service management (QoS), which helps to ensure that real-time applications, like voice or video conferencing, receive priority on the network, further enhancing the user experience.

New Additions Making our Network Stronger

To make our network even stronger and increase the benefits to both IT managers and end users, we’ve expanded the number and scope of our network peering relationships. Two new Internet exchanges, one in Dallas, TX, and the other in Ashburn, VA, have been added to the several points we already have. In addition, we’ve peered with both Microsoft and Blue Jeans Networks to improve network efficiency—and ultimately the user experience—for applications like Office 365 and Blue Jeans’ conferencing services.

West Unified Communications clients using Microsoft Office 365, Windows Azure and Windows Live can take advantage of streamlined business traffic via Maxxis, optimizing the client experience with faster streaming of real-time communications and content. This is especially critical for communications tools like Microsoft Lync voice/video/conferencing and collaboration. Our customers using Blue Jeans Networks’ video on-demand solutions can realize significant improvements in three key areas:

  • Faster streaming of real-time communications and content.
  • Increased connection reliability.
  • A significant reduction in packet loss, jitter and latency in the video stream, resulting in an improved client experience.

This expansion of network peering relationships is an important part of our ongoing differentiation of Maxxis network services. Not only does this help us fulfill our mission to provide an exceptionally high level of service and industry-leading quality, but it also serves to improve the access to and performance of an increasing number of mission critical services from West and other leading cloud service providers.

Future expansions and partnerships

Over the next few months, we’ll announce more partnerships with industry leaders across a range of essential business applications. The way we see it, successfully leveraging a wide range of cloud-based applications requires the smartest, most flexible and capable network possible. With our expanding array of peering relationships, Maxxis strengthens its position as one of the very best network solutions available.

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