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[In the Know] Best Practices for Virtual Event Speakers

Thursday, July 2, 2020 - 14:45
[In the Know] Best Practices for Virtual Event Speakers

The growing popularity of virtual events has forced many marketers and communicators to develop new skills and checklists. 

When planning a virtual event, it’s important to consider audience acquisition, monetization possibilities and engagement. But much of that engagement comes by way of the people who are the face of your event: the speakers. Good speakers can literally make or break an event experience.

This presents a question: how can a remote presenter resonate with an audience as effectively as an in-person presenter? And if you’re a presenter used to speaking in front of live crowds of people, delivering a message to a remote audience might feel awkward and unnatural (to say the least). 

In the latest episode of In the Know, I’ve outlined several best practices you can adopt as a virtual event speaker. These tips and tricks will help build your confidence as a remote presenter and give you the tools necessary to resonate on screen and engage audiences!

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