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Closing the Cloud Security Gap

Despite the growing popularity and technical advances of the Cloud, there is still a gap between Enterprise stakeholders when it comes to Cloud adoption.

While business units are generally excited about the cloud, IT still has its reservations, which are largely tied to cloud security. Especially when it comes to cloud-based communications, security can make or break an IT department, which is why choosing the right provider is one of the most important decisions to make. Here we examine the gap between the two groups and how to build IT confidence that they are getting the security they need in the cloud.

Mind the Gap Between Cloud Popularity and Cloud Adoption

The good news for the cloud is that it’s popularity is growing so much that it has business units excited about the benefits of a cloud initiative, especially those tied to financial gains and savings. And rightfully so, as many of those cost benefits will end up making them look good.

However, many IT groups don’t feel the same way - the use of cloud-based services means a potential loss of control, increased risk for them, and an aggressive shift in strategy. Also, should any security or privacy problems arise; the responsibility likely will fall back on the IT department.

A study from Accenture and the London School of Economics and Political Science’s Outsourcing Unit called “Cloud and the Future of Business; From Costs to Innovation” shows that IT still sees issues like security and privacy as a barrier to cloud adoption.

“One of the very interesting findings was there was a clear gap between business people and IT people,” said Andrew Greenway, global cloud program leader for Accenture.

Business people said they didn’t see security and privacy as an issue around cloud. IT people conversely saw data privacy, lock-in and security as much more of a problem.

What Does it Mean to be Secure in the Cloud?

Whether you are a member of the business unit looking to sway IT or in the IT department itself, this truth is good to hear: There is such thing as security in the cloud. Since much of the security responsibility in the cloud falls on the provider, the selection process becomes crucial.

According to Gartner, smart IT departments ask the tough questions of cloud providers during the selection process to establish confidence that you will be working with a trusted cloud provider. In an article on InfoWorld, Gartner suggests asking about the following security issues.

Cloud Security Issues

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