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Whiteboard Friday: How Network Peering Works

In this week's Whiteboard Friday learn how the West Cloud peering capability allows you to connect with any other cloud provider in your network.

West Cloud Connects with Other Cloud Providers

One of the key advantages of Maxxis, our application-aware MPLS Network, is that it's peered with other cloud providers. What that means is you can count on our Maxxis connection being connected to that other cloud provider and not having go over general internet connections, risking connectivity and security. You get more reliable, higher performance and more quality connections with those different providers.

Some examples of West's cloud connections:

  • SalesForce
  • Cisco
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Many more

Those are some of the more popular cloud providers we've peered with. But the Maxxis architecture means we could peer with anybody that allows peering. So, if you have a vendor that you want to have us peer with, we can investigate that and add that into our peering ecosystem. It's really an extensible way of you getting into the cloud but keeping that cloud connection as highly performant and as secure as possible through peered connections.