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CIO of the Future Video - JW Aluminum

Tim Monohan is not your average CIO. He knows that IT needs to be more of a revenue center than a cost center, and is leveraging cloud applications to help his department be a strategic asset to JW Aluminum.

JW Aluminum is very heavily leveraging the cloud. We have been for the last three or four years. Our goal is to use the scalability and the availability that the cloud affords us, and also take advantage of the economics that are used in the cloud instead of having on-premise solutions.

Using the cloud is a great way to take some of those tasks that are traditionally considered part of IT and allow someone else who has the expertise to run those, to do that while you focus on delivering what drives value to your business.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of availability to our internal stakeholder and teammates here at JW Aluminum, and the cloud solutions were able to give us that level of availability that we could keep ourselves and also it gives us the ability to have less staff on hand and less of our dollars going to managing our infrastructure.

Well, my goal is to actually deliver information services for the business that help drive revenue and profitability growth. It is not to provide servers and networks and all the supporting platforms that are required to do those sorts of things. If I'm not worried about managing servers or managing networks, or managing my telephones, I can really focus my efforts and my team on driving what really matters to the business.

The vision that I have for IT going forward is a continued move to the cloud and a move to simplify IT by moving to the cloud and helping...partnering with companies such as West that can really deliver those IT infrastructure backbone services so that we can continue to focus on driving innovation.

The big piece that we're able to see is that we freed up our resources to go focus on capitalizing on these opportunities. And speeding up the transactions and the ease of which other companies can do business with JW is really helpful and going to the cloud has really enabled us to do that.

Well, the future of IT for JW Aluminum is to continue to do the innovative things that we're doing. We've got other mobile applications designed that we're working on. We are working on continue to streamline our IT infrastructure and our IT operations, and help the business with streamlining their own business processes so that we can deliver value to the marketplace faster.

I think that we have the opportunity at JW to actually change the industry by bringing more technology into the business. I don't see a whole lot of innovation from the technology perspective in the industry today, and I think we have the opportunity to bring that in. Going to cloud solutions, going to mobile devices, mobile applications, really getting our business closer to our customers using technology, using big data type concepts to actually drive growth, I think we're leading the industry on those.