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Centralizing IT Security Using the Cloud - WBF

Using the cloud, your security can live off-prem, leaving you free from worry about not only your applications, but also managing the hardware.

One of the exciting things about innovations in the Cloud is you can start to take the burden off of managing individual locations with individual applications. One of those is security, right? Having to go out to every little individual location and maintain firewall solutions and intrusion detection solutions and intrusion prevention solutions and spam filters and all those things.

So if you take advantage of Maxxis, which is our MPLS network, it’s basically something that can power your WAN. You can do all of that at the network level with something called MaxxSecure. So what MaxxSecure does is acts as kind of a network level protection between you and the general Internet. So MaxxSecure has all those different features in it. It has intrusion detection systems built in. It has intrusion prevention systems built in. It has firewall built in. It has spam filters built in. So all of these bad things that are trying to get into your network or trying to get ultimately into your facilities and into your desktops and your servers. You don’t have to worry about protecting them so much at the individual location. You can protect them at that network level. Centralize all your security with MaxxSecure.