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3 Ways to Leverage the Maxxis MPLS Network

Learn how you can drive growth with the power of MPLS.

What we want to talk about today is the three ways that our customers leverage our Maxxis Solution. Primarily, some people will come in and they will leverage Maxxis as a single connection for their infrastructure, whether it's connecting their corporate headquarters out to remote sites or even out to their data centers, Maxxis becomes their infrastructure wide area network of services.

For the additional services that West IP may be providing, such as hosted UC communications and other [inaudible, 00:46] needs, we inject those services directly into the infrastructure wide area network so that they can seamlessly consume the services as part of their infrastructure.

In the second scenario, the customer has decided to provide their own wide area network but still need to consume services from the greater West Corporation, whether it's for hosted UC communications, conferencing or contact center needs.

In this scenario, Maxxis is leveraged as a service delivery mechanism that is external to their company, so a security mechanism is put in place whether it's a firewall app, a data center or possibly even at a corporate headquarters or Maxxis is then leveraged to create connections as desired from West Corporation to deliver the services into the corporation.

Beyond the services that West may be providing, we also have the ability of extending connections out to our other peering partners such as Blue Jeans Network, Microsoft; for services such as Office 365, or even over to Google for Google apps users.

A third scenario is a slight twist on the second one where, if the customer happens to have one of their data center locations in the same location as a West IP data center, we actually have the ability to have cross connects where we can just connect our two networks together, secured by that customer and plugs into the Maxxis infrastructure and all the same services are now made available to the customer.