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UC Exchange FAQs

These General FAQs will help you as you prepare to make the shift to UC Exchange.

Show What is UC federation?
UC federation is about cutting down the latencies between communication sessions and making sure people who work together closely can easily do so using the most appropriate form of communication, whether it’s video, instant messaging or voice.
Show What are the benefits?
UC federation strives to deliver three key benefits: Interoperability – By using UC Exchange, organizations can better deal with the differences between platforms and improve operability between each. Increased Richness – UC federation prevents communication delays as each party can see in real time what others are doing and if they’re available to talk. Security – A common fear with UC federation is that it will lead to unexpected calls, chats and more. However, this isn’t the case, as only users who’ve been authorized can send content to a firm’s UC system.
Show Who should consider becoming federated?
Companies that deal with lots of partners or are geographically dispersed should consider federation. For instance, if a company works with an external partner every day, they are going to want to be on an IM and presence platform together. This not only allows things to get done faster, but it also improves overall employee productivity.
Show What federation options are available?
Federation services are available for instant messaging (IM) and presence, as well as for voice and video by third-party providers. UC federation can connect two UC vendors deployed within the same enterprise. Due to a merger for example, one department in a company might use Lync and another might use Jabber. Two separate enterprises that use the same UC platforms might also need UC federation to enable intercompany communication. Even though intercompany federation can be more challenging, federation between separate companies using the same UC platform is becoming a simpler process.

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