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Service FAQs

Maxxis Application Network FAQs

These general FAQs will help you as you prepare to make the shift to Maxxis.

Show How do I contact support?
Our Network and Voice Operations Centers (NOC/VOC) are staffed 24/7/365 by Cisco certified professionals. The team can be reached at 1.502.315.5150.
Show What is MPLS?
MPLS stands for multiprotocol label switching. It allows for the prioritized transport of traffic based on label (or tag) switching. While most MPLS networks have quality of service (QoS) capability based on prioritizing these tagged packets, Maxxis takes QoS to a different level by assigning tags to traffic based on packet analysis, source, destination, and business use. The result is a network solution that delivers unprecedented levels of application performance.
Show What’s the advantage of having a single vendor for my voice and network?
We’ve heard the story many times. A company is having issues with their quality of their hosted voice services. The customer reaches out to their voice provider only to be told the issue is with their network. The customer then calls their network provider to address the issue, but the network provider says the issue is with their voice provider. Who’s to be held accountable? Maxxis offers a reliable backbone to power your hosted solutions. Combined with our hosted voice service, you’ll never have that to deal with the finger pointing again. Should an issue arise, we’ll work with you to resolve it quickly with our expert team of Cisco certified professionals.
Show Why not just use public internet?
The public internet is prone to cause issues such as echoes or delays when using the regular public internet for VoIP services. Best results are found when using higher capacity QoS-enabled MPLS networks are used. QoS, or quality of service, is an approach to prioritizing data flow, ensuring that voice data is prioritized over other types.
Show Can I monitor the performance of Maxxis?
Yes. We offer network monitoring standard as part of Maxxis, with optional add-on features available as well.

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