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Cisco WebEx Event Center FAQs

These General FAQs will help you as you prepare to make the shift to Cisco WebEx Event Center.

Show How does Event Center differ from other WebEx services?
WebEx Event Center: - Provides comprehensive enrollment and email options that you can customize - Supports program management so that you can group events by partners and products - Allows hosts to generate reports before or after events - Allows hosts to track where attendees are coming from and their lead scores - Provides a recording repository where you can host your recordings
Show Does Event Center support high-quality video?
Yes. Video resolution can go up to high-quality 360p resolution (640x360). For more information about video support, see Video Release Notes. System Requirements
Show What do I need to host or attend events?
You will need to download the WebEx Event Manager. The first time you start or join an event, it is automatically downloaded to your computer, but you can download it at any from your Support page. For a detailed list of the computers, operating systems, and browsers that work with WebEx Event Center, see Cross-platform Features and Known Issues.
Show What is the Event Center Flash client?
It is a client that uses Flash technology running inside a browser to join a WebEx event. It is only for attendees, not for hosts and panelists.
Show What are the system requirements for attendees to run the Flash client?
These are the system requirements: - Windows 2000/XP/Vista running IE 6/7 or Firefox 2, with Flash 9 or above plug-in - Mac OS X 10.4/10.5 running Safari 3 or Firefox 2, with Flash 9 or above plug-in - WBS 27 supported Linux distribution running Firefox 2 with Flash 9 or above plug-in JavaScript and cookies need to be enabled in the browser. Also a 768K or faster Internet connection is required.
Show In order to join an event with the Flash client, can the event be hosted on any operating system?
The event can be hosted on Windows, Mac, or Linux; however, hosting on Mac or Linux introduces additional limitations in the Flash client. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you host the event only on Windows.
Show What are some major limitations of the Flash client?
The Flash client has these limitations: - Cannot be the first person to join the event even if the Allow attendee to join the meeting before the host option is enabled. - Annotation tools are not supported - Remote Control is not supported - Cannot save chat, polling, and Q&A - Cannot be promoted to Panelist - Cannot view animations in presentations - Cannot view shared Web content - TSP teleconference is not supported - Cannot view attendee list - Only English is supported

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