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Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent Call Routing

Get callers to the best possible resource to meet their needs with intelligent, skills-based routing. Assign skills and priorities based on things like language fluency, product knowledge, or even across campaigns, increasing first call closure rates.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)IVR

With our hosted IVR, you can ensure customers are directed to the right place quickly and without frustration, whether they need an agent or can complete the transaction using self-serve.

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Call Queue Management

Call Queue Management

Using intelligent queuing logic and call flow management to make the most of the resources you have available, we’ll get your customer to an agent quickly as possible.

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Dynamic ScriptingDynamic Scripting

Our flexible agent scripting tools guide your team through customer interactions with step-by-step guides, data lookups, and dynamic branching scripts. You can create, manage and modify call scripts on-the-fly with simple “drag and drop” scripting elements and connectors via a user-friendly web interface.

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Reporting Dashboards

Reporting and Dashboards

Spend less time looking for data and nore time analyzing it. West Cloud Contact Pro collects data across a myriad of different points, allowing point and click access to both real-time and historical reporting.

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Global Inbound NumbersGlobal Inbound Numbers

Take advantage of international DID numbers in the markets that matter to you to improve customer service and brand perception on a truly global scale.

Incorporate Text, Web Chat and Social Media

West Cloud Contact Pro improves customer interactions by offering a smooth experience beginning with initial outreach to resolution, across multiple channels. With a unified interface, you can easily identify contact requests and treat them according to media type; for example use voice announcements and music for telephone callers, send automatic replies to inbound emails, and supply wait-time information to customers requesting web chat.

IVR and Routing Enhance Call Flows

Within our IVR system, the graphical Contact Flow Editor displays a drag-and-drop toolbox that allows you to identify, route, queue and treat your customers according to their needs. You can offer to call backs during busy times, or even automatically dial a customer back if they hang up while in queue. Combined with skills-based routing, these features drive down average handling times (AHT), increase agent productivity and transactions completed, and provide customers with the best possible experience.

Dynamic Agent Scripting Ensures Success

Advanced agent scripting tools guide agents through interactions through one simple, web-based interface. From step-by-step guides and data lookups to dynamic branching scripts, advanced scripting can work with your existing back-office applications or function as a standalone mini-CRM platform. Dynamic agent scripting speeds up call handling and lowers operational costs while offering workers a user-friendly means to create, manage and modify call scripts with simple “drag and drop” scripting elements and connectors.

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