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"Make the Most of your Webinars with Video," with Wainhouse Research Senior Analysts Alan Greenberg & Steve Vonder Haar

Video—everyone’s doing it.

And with good reason. Video is the most engaging, powerful medium to get your message in front of customers, prospects and employees. Information retention can increase exponentially when video is used. But as business video adoption accelerates, making your events stand out grows more difficult. Join Wainhouse Research Senior Analysts Alan D. Greenberg and Steve Vonder Haar as they identify strategies that have helped organizations draw large audiences, keep those viewers watching and identify the benefits that result from their video webinars.

What will you learn?

  • The Benefits of Video - Discuss the variety of reasons for incorporating one-to-many video more extensively into your business communications.
  • Pre-event Tips - Learn the tips and tricks for managing the pre-event process to boost attendance and/or your lead generation.
  • Capturing Robust Metrics - Get advice on how to best measure the business results generated by your event. Learn what metrics matter most.

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