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CorporateTube FAQs

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What is West CorporateTube?

A secure, easy-to-use “You Tube”-like portal designed for the enterprise.

Why Launch CorporateTube?

  • Video is compelling and engaging
  • Video conveys messages clearly and easily illustrates complicated flows
  • Video enables cost-effective, compelling learning and training
  • Organizations want a more knowledgeable and productive workforce
  • Provide an internal portal for all rich media needs
  • Empower employees to easily share their knowledge with each other
  • Decentralize knowledge creation using video
  • Leverage how employees connect and communicate using video outside of workplace


Can I use my CorporateTube portal to archive my webcasts?

  • InterCall’s webcasting products are integrated into CorporateTube. Post a West webcast to the portal with just one click. Webcasts from other platforms can be archived but will not have single-click integration.


Can my CorporateTube portal be integrated into my virtual environment?

  • Yes, CorporateTube can be one of the resources you offer in a West virtual environment.



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