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   Direct customers and personalise their experience

Direct customers and personalise their experience

Generation Y and Millennials are increasingly snubbing telephone communication. Our research shows just 7% of 16 to 24 year olds will call a business - even in relation to a high value sales query – a fifth of the number of over-55s who would do so. This means that every aspect of your approach to running a contact centre should now have you ‘thinking multichannel’. Data should be the foundation on which your contact centre is built, including how contacts flow and the use of intelligent data look ups to direct and personalise customers' experience.

Incorporate Voice, Text, Web Chat and Social Media

West Cloud Contact Pro improves customer interactions by offering a smooth experience beginning with initial outreach to resolution, across multiple channels. With a unified interface, you can easily identify contact requests and treat them according to media type. Intelligently route customers to agents based on skills and respond consistently regardless of channel. In text based conversations, keywords can also be used as data points for more intelligent routing.

Demographic Based Routing

Going beyond using product or query level data points for intelligent routing, Cloud Contact Pro allows you to implement routing based on demographic and skills. Create global inbound numbers to present a ‘local’ presence in global markets. Then when you receive calls from a certain country, you can direct them to team members in or from that locality.

Cross-channel Visibility

Drive loyalty and further business as West Cloud Contact Pro intelligently presents a unified view of all customer communications across all channels allowing agents to refer to all previous interactions with CRM integration.

IVR and Routing Enhanced Call Flows

Within West Cloud Contact Pro hosted IVR, you determine the path of the contact flow to ensure the query gets to the right place quickly, whether the customer needs an agent or can complete the transaction using self-service tools. The graphical Contact Flow Editor allows you to identify, route, queue and treat your customers according to their needs. You can offer call backs during busy times, or even automatically dial a customer back if they hang up while in queue. Combined with skills-based routing, these features drive down average handling times (AHT), increase agent productivity and transactions completed, and provide customers with the best possible experience.

Dynamic Agent Scripting Ensures Success

Advanced agent scripting tools guide agents through interactions through one simple, web-based interface that speeds up call handling and lowers operational costs.

Intelligent Retries

Any sales team knows that the chances of closing a deal are an order of magnitude higher over the phone than they are via email. Using the channels and information at your disposal, achieve the greatest possible chance of putting your agent on the phone to a customer who is ready to buy. With Cloud Contact Pro create an outbound strategy to respond to inbound queries that suits customers, optimises resources and maximises sales.

“What puts West over the top is their customer service. We have requested a number of enhancements and they always come through. Our approach to business is to provide world-class customer service. In my experience, West meets that standard as well.”

- Joe Victorino, EDI Manager, Capario

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