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  Unified Meeting 5 provides Full HD audio & video experience

Unified Meeting 5 provides Full HD audio & video experience

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When clarity counts, count on us to carry the conversation.

Empower virtual collaboration between more people in more locations than ever before with web conferencing services for clear, crisp sound and vivid imagery customized to your requirements. 

  • Easy-to-use , easy-to-manage technology
  • Self-service to fully assisted options 
  • Multi-channel capability from desktop to mobile
  • Scaled to need – from local to global
  • Integrated with tech, services & apps from premier partners

We'll help you get started

West Unified Communications Services offers an extensive catalog of training options so you can quickly and easily begin hosting your online meetings and events.

From flexible, online seminars to customized, on-site sessions, our knowledgeable instructional design team has created sessions that teach you how to use our services and make the most of your investment.   Register online today.


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For the enterprise…

  • Personalized credentials for the users
  • Dedicated phone numbers for the organization
  • Customized pricing for the company

For individuals & small business…

  • Simple service plans with configurable options
  • Flexible pricing at affordable rates
  • Accessible technology from industry leaders

For the many reasons to come together online...

  • Everyday business meetings 
  • Webinars
  • Events
  • Training & Education
  • Service & Support

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