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Unified Meeting 5

Empower virtual collaboration between more people in more locations than ever before with Unified Meeting 5. Don’t just connect devices, save time, increase productivity and build relationships around town, across the country and around the world.
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Unified Meeting 5 Video Overview

Unified Meeting® 5 makes meetings convenient and easy to manage, putting you in complete control of your meeting including scheduling, managing and securing your meetings.

Unified Meeting

HD Video Conferencing + Integrated Audio

Unified Meeting 5 brings integrated audio conferencing together with the HD video services. Add the power of HD video to your online meetings with one click from the Unified Meeting 5 desktop app. Even if your network connection is unreliable, your video streaming will be continuous and distortion-free.

Unified Meeting 5 Even More Powerful with HD Video

UM5 HD Video with Vidyo

Millions of business people worldwide manage meetings online seamlessly and easily

Unified Meeting 5 is a hosted service with all the necessary tools for managing virtual collaboration one click at a time – without sacrificing security or quality. For smaller companies, our service helps level the playing field with larger competitors, expanding your market reach. For multinationals, our service accelerates time to market with simple, effective global communication.

With Unified Meeting 5, just click for maximum convenience. Forget memorizing special numbers and passcodes. Eliminate confusion in identifying participants. Remove complications when sharing screens and files. 

Click to schedule using Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, IBM Notes or other email/calendar apps.

Click to call and join with VoIP systems and from iPhone and Android devices with MobileMeet, our free mobile app.

Click to share screens, files and information:

  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Applications
  • Personalized business cards integrated with social platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook

Click to collaborate and view the full spectrum of media:

  • HD Video from multiple locations
  • Chat
  • Polls
  • Waiting & Breakout Rooms
  • Annotation for highlight elements of documents & presentations

Click to manage and control participation:

  • Lock meetings
  • Accept, reject or dismiss participants
  • Record & archive audio, slides & video
  • Minimize distractions with “lecture mode”

Make your meetings click

InterCall Unified Meeting 5 connects people seamlessly & easily

  • No special numbers or passcodes
  • No confusion in who’s speaking and when
  • No complications sharing screens & files

Energize your meetings with live video

Share webcam video within your meeting enlivening collaboration

  • More engagement with participants
  • More interaction between teammates
  • More conversational discussions

Unify your brand, unify your meeting

Customize the look and feel of your InterCall Unified Meeting 5 experience

  • Display logos & brand colors
  • Match invitation templates to branded meetings
  • Use special sub-domains for continuity with other branded environments

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