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PCI Compliance in Cloud Contact Centres

Safe and secure credit card transactions with fully PCI compliant call recording in cloud.

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Call Center PCI Initiatives


Say Goodbye to Costly Call Centre PCI Initiatives

We understand the need to balance the requirement to record and evidence financial transactions with the conflicting requirement never to record the card holder’s details. With West Cloud Contact Pro, fully PCI compliant call recording is pain-free and up and running within just a matter of days.

Our advanced PCI DSS solution provides a simple approach with a great customer experience ensuring that the whole call is recorded, but that no card information is recorded or stored, or even heard by your agents, driving up customer confidence and driving down the potential risk of card fraud.

Compliant Credit Card Call Center

Completely Compliant Credit Card Transactions in Your Cloud Contact Centre

Our advanced PCI solution removes the need for customers to speak their card details to your agents at all. Card details are always masked within call recordings; customers simply enter their payment details securely and secretly via their telephone keypad. Card data is securely sent directly to your card provider so you don’t have to make any changes to your banking practices.

Agents remain on the line talking to the customer throughout the process, providing a high degree of customer satisfaction. Once authorised, we securely pass back authorisation code and transaction ID’s to your application so that you can then process repeat transactions or refunds safely.

Call Center Security

Your Security and Compliance Is Our Focus

We don’t stop at West Cloud PCI Compliance. With West Cloud Contact Pro, we offer security and compliance with Data Protection, Financial Services (FCA/FSA), Sarbanes Oxley/SEC, OFT, DNC, DMA, FCC or OFCOM, and other regulatory requirements.

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