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Cloud Contact Center Dynamic Agent Scripting

Give agents the tools they need for successful call handling.

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Advanced Scripting Tools

Arm Your Contact Center Agents with Advanced Scripting Tools

​Our flexible agent scripting tools assist your team through customer interactions with step-by-step guides, data lookups, and dynamic branching scripts. Using a range of sophisticated data integration tools, advanced scripting can work with mainframe, client server and web applications, or function as a standalone mini CRM platform for your contact center -- effectively consolidating multiple back-end business systems, speeding up call handling, and lowering operational costs.

​Advanced agent scripting allows workers to easily create, manage and modify call scripts on-the-fly with simple “drag and drop” scripting elements and connectors via a user-friendly web interface.

Workflows and Database Integration Take the Stress Out of Complex Interactions

Database Integration

Workflows can be as simple or as complex as you need. Agent scripting, if done well, can make a huge impact on the customer experience, cutting call durations, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing variation in the customer experience. Our advanced scripting functionality means that even complex interactions can be a breeze for your team, including direct debit/ACH and credit/debit card handling in a fully PCI compliant manner.

​Easily accessible product information or marketing data pulled from a variety of systems helps agents overcome objections and drive calls to successful completion. Automated actions can be triggered to occur at certain points within the script and information gathered by the agent directly posts into your critical business applications. And with waypoint reporting, you can identify call handling patterns using empirical data and adapt scripts to increase sales or collections.

Call Center Red Tape

Ensure Call Center Compliance without the Red Tape

​Data protection and regulatory compliance is a potential minefield with expensive consequences if not heeded. Using our advanced agent scripting, compliance (and the ability to report on it) are intrinsically linked to the call content. Experience a dramatic reduction in compliance issues and customer complaints using advanced scripting and evolve scripts over time to adapt to changing regulations without stress or hassle.

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