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Cloud Contact Center Call Queue Management

Reduce handling times and increase customer satisfaction with better call flow and queuing strategies.

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Automated Inbound Call Flows

Intelligently Automated Inbound Call Flows

​If you have more demand than you have capacity, West Cloud Contact Pro can improve the customer queuing experience and make the most of your agent resources. With intelligent call queuing logic and call flow management tools, you can ensure customers to a qualified agent as quickly as possible.

Our Contact Flow Editor makes it easy to establish call menus, prioritize queues, create announcements, and set up music, with easy uploading of your music files and custom recorded prompts. You can further customize the experience by allowing different variations of those items based on the number dialed or the caller's identity.

Whatever the Issue, You Can Trust Our Cloud

Trusted Cloud Contact Center

​Our carrier-grade, geo-resilient platform can queue thousands of calls for you and route callers according to your pre-defined rules so you don’t have to spend money on expensive on-premises infrastructure to hold and queue calls during peak demand.

Cloud Contact Pro can dynamically detect if disaster strikes a location and automatically divert callers according to strategically planned alternatives, such as routing to another location, playing a pre-recorded message, or taking voicemails.

Virtual Call Queue Call-back

Virtual Queuing and Customer Callback Make Good Business Sense

With Cloud Contact Pro, you can automatically call back any customers who abandon the queue while waiting, allowing you to recover the service opportunity. ​Customers can even choose to have their place in line saved without having to wait on the phone, or input a preferred call time so your agents can contact them directly at a specified time.

​The web callback feature allows customers to submit a form online through your website to request a return back. Via a live XML feed, Cloud Contact Pro pulls the data into your designated campaign and puts it at the top of the calling list, ensuring higher e-commerce conversion rates and reducing shopping care abandonment.

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