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  Contact Centre Security & Compliance

Contact Centre Security & Compliance

Importance of Data Security

It is no secret that data theft is a big threat to businesses and to consumers. While no organisation or department can say it is risk-free, contact centres need to pay special attention to the processes and technologies that protect their client data. In fact, a recent West survey shows that 37% of businesses consider security as one of their three top priorities, and with good reason. There is nothing more damaging to a brand’s reputation than their customers having their data stolen.

Voice Call & Screen Recording

Cloud-based call recording software that provides contact centres with amazing insight and analytics throughout the customer experience.

With West Cloud Call Recording software every customer interaction within your contact centre, including both voice recording and computer screen recording content, is transparently recorded and stored for as long as you need it, and underpinned by a security infrastructure that's ISO 27001 certified ensures all customer recordings are protected. As West Cloud Call Recording is a cloud-based solution, there's no capex, no long lead time, and no complex installation or hardware required.

Security & Audit Reporting

To ensure compliance with security and audit standards, West provides audit and system reports giving you real-time monitoring and visibility of who is using your solution, when, and their activity.

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  • West Cloud Call Recording

    West Cloud Call Recording provides contact centres with amazing insight and analytics throughout the customer experience. Improve your results today.
  • West Cloud Contact

    West Cloud Contact is a cloud-based service that empowers your call centre staff with a sophisticated set of call handling and reporting tools.
  • West Cloud Contact CE

    West Cloud Contact CE allows you to improve customer service in your enterprise contact centre with Cisco-powered collaboration. Learn more here.
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