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  Enhance the Effectiveness of your Contact Centre Campaigns

Enhance the Effectiveness of your Contact Centre Campaigns

Agents without the ability to deviate from scripts, or adapt to the needs of customers, run the risk of sounding robotic. This leads to customer and agent frustrations, operational inefficiencies and lost business as call times increase and queries go unresolved. West research showed that agents not adapting to or understanding a query would likely lead upwards of 72% of customers to consider switching to a competitor.

Guide your Team through Customer Interactions with Flexible Agent Scripting Tools

Dynamic scripting greatly enhances the effectiveness of your inbound, outbound and multichannel contact centre campaigns. With common sense and continuous assessment, dynamic call scripting guides your agents through their customer interactions and improves customer experience. This applies to simple step-by-step guides for straightforward inquiries, to dynamic branching scripts that offer a range of options for agents as they guide their customers through more complex enquiries.

You’ll also find significant efficiency improvements through the options to pre-populate screen data based on previous responses or by having automated email content written based on script responses and integration with other business systems. Quickly create logical call scripts and make instant adjustments with simple “drag and drop” scripting and intuitive web interface that works alongside your existing back-office system. You can also run ‘A/B testing’ to evaluate the effectiveness of different scripts.

Build personal relationships with your customers

Dramatically increase the percentage of successful call outcomes, meet First Contact Resolution (FCR) targets, increase customer satisfaction and potentially reduce call durations. West's dynamic scripting pulls data from your CRM, adapting to the customer’s information so that your agent has the right prompts at hand and doesn’t ask the customer irrelevant questions or to repeat information. If you have limited or no CRM data available, use the built-in 'mini CRM' available with Cloud Contact Pro to store captured information as it's entered.

Track and monitor your customer journey

Just as you assign waypoints in your contact flows, you can do the same in your dynamic scripts. Track where customers’ conversations with your agents go, and monitor the data alongside what you’re seeing in the call flows to get a true picture of where any potential sticking points might be and which parts of the script are really performing well.

Our customers would not be able to tap into a workforce with this kind of scale and flexibility any other way. The shared dynamic scripting systems makes change management much simpler.

Ghen Sugimoto, Chief Marketing Officer, Expert Planet

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