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Virgin Wines Case Study

Stringent customer service standards lead Virgin Wines to implement West Cloud Call Recording.


Virgin Wines was set up by world famous entrepreneur Richard Branson in 1999 specifically to sell wine online. Its ethos is one of adventure, “scouring the globe to find exciting wines by small farmers” and making them accessible to the world via their online shopping cart.

Norwich, England is home to the Virgin Wines call center, which handles all of customer service and sales inquiries. Most of Virgin Wines’ business is done via their website. However, they also offer a unique customer service opportunity; when a client registers with the site without ordering, agents contact the client to offer guidance through the order process or to indeed place the order for them.


Customer service is extremely important to Virgin Wines, so the company was looking for a call recording system that would help with quality monitoring and overall improvement. Orders placed over the phone without any real record of the transaction can leave room for dispute, so it was an added bonus that call recording would also give them a safeguard against such issues.


Shaun Grint, Operations Manager, knew straight away that West Cloud Call Recording was the solution they needed. In fact he only had one question: how soon could they get it? Fortunately for Grint, they were up and running within just five days, with Virgin Wines taking advantage of both the rapid implementation and advanced functionality West had to offer.  


In their first month alone, they recorded over 1200 hours of traffic. Cloud Call Recording has given Virgin Wines the ability to review any or all of their calls. Furthermore, a supervisor can go into a call recording, grade it, and, if it doesn’t meet Virgin Wines stringent standards, extra training can be provided for that agent.